Volume of a serving


Simple question: what is the volume of a single serving?
Rough dimensions might be useful as well.

I’m considering the possibility of using this to cut food weight on expeditions.
The caloric content is a bit low for my needs, but that’s an easy enough fix.


A full day of unmixed Soylent is 560gm.


Good to know.
My question was about the volume though.
I want to know how much space they’ll take up in my pack or kayak.


Think Ziploc sandwich bag


Do we know how Soylent is going to be packaged yet? By daily servings or in bulk containers?


What is 560 grams of Soylent in volume? (Cups, fluid ounces, or milliliters)

I don’t wish to buy a scale just to find out how much should be used, and I assume it does not weigh the same as water, and so is not 560 milliliters. I would guess it would be just shy of half a liter though.
Also, what size of a person would that be for? A 100 lb, 5’ tall woman would require a bit less than a 200 lb, 6’6" tall man.


I too am interested in the volume of soylent. Seems like an easy thing to measure. @JulioMiles?


560gm would be a full day. A single serving is about 185gm or about 1 3/4 cups dry. Including adding 20ml of the oil. You would add about 750ml or 3 cups of water. This would be about 650 calories. These calculations are based on the 2000 calorie daily serving split into 3 serving. How it is being packaged right now is as a daily pack. I’ve heard there may be a scoop to portion out servings. I’ll let@JulioMiles confirm that.


So about 2 and a half pints per day. Thanks!