Votes on new complete food business name


Hey everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m starting a complete food business and would really appreciate your feedback (and suggestion) on the best name. We’d sell samples and mixes of several complete food brands online, and CF meals from a pop-up store, potentially retail. We’d also run a website/blog with several resources, discount pages, news etc.

Narrowed down options:



3.Arete (means excellence, high potential, virtue, happiness in Greek)


5.Evolve/DEvolve/REvolve Foods

  • food or nutrition on the end

Please post your top three, and other suggestions. Thanks and have a great new year :slight_smile:


No direct suggestions but make sure your new name doesn’t return million google results. :slight_smile:


Ascend and Athro are fine. Arete to me means “corner of a cliff face,” so it would be weird for me. CompleteNutrition is OK. DEvolve sounds like devo, REvolve sounds like a lazy susan, so my votes go:

1 - (tie) - Ascend/Anthro/CompleteNutrition/Evolve Foods
6 - (tie) - The other options you list.


I think Ascend sounds best, though google suggests there is already a company called Ascend Nutrition. Second choice would be Evolve, but again, google suggests Evolve Nutrition is an existing maker of protein beverages. I’m indifferent to all the rest, except that I think DEvolve would be a particularly bad choice. “Devolve” has a negative connotation (“descent or degeneration to a lower or worse state”).


I don’t like #2 since it sounds kind of academic. #4 is a little generic. Evolve might be OK, but not Revolve (which means spin around) or Devolve (which means go backwards). #1 is good, My favorite is #3, which is a new word for me, but a nice word, not hard to remember. Arete Complete Foods?