Vs Protien Shakes


Hey guys,

I was just wondering what the differences are between Soylent and your average protein shake.




Soylent contains every essential nutrient, in the proportions in which they would occur in a balanced diet. This is generally not true of protein shakes.


Likewise protein shakes generally contain almost zero fiber.


Additionally it can serve as a full meal replacement, in theory. If you did that with a protein shake (besides the deficiencies noted above) to consume a sustainable amount of calories, you would have to be consuming ungodly amounts of protein.


But of course Kevin, there are plenty of other shake types that do try to do exactly what soylent is trying to do. Except that… blah blah blah… Bottom line: soylent is different because so far we trust soylent, mostly because we’ve seen it built from the ground up!

The thing about the idea itself is that, it seems, you don’t need a new idea! What you want is a new/clear definition of the problem, and of course, such a definition of a solution!

It used to be called marketing, lol!


Definitely, it is mostly marketing. Better design helps too. Kind of like Apple and iPhone.Touchscreen smart phones weren’t new, but Apple did it better and expertly marketed it.