VSanté - The most first Soylent alternative in South East Asia

Hi fan of Soylent, I’m also a follower of Soylent growth and I’ve formulated a Balanced Meal for Vietnamese market - VSanté: http://buaancanbang.vn/
For instant, the website is in vietnamese but we delivery already to some clients in other countries in Asia and event in Europe.
This Balanced meal VSanté are made from soy protein, oat’s fiber, flaxseed (whole grain), chicory inulin, colza oil…and supplemented with 24 vitamins & minerals. In addition, we add in some antioxidants such as Co-enzyme Q10 and Resveratrol. The product will benefits consumers with weight problem and also high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high insulin pic…
Especially, I’ve worked with nutritionist experts and we created a balanced program with 3 steps: weight loss step, balance step (to balance the metabolism syndromes) & healthy step (along with a healthy lifestyle). Besides product, we educate consumers about healthy nutrtion and lifestyle.

So, if you guy pass by Vietnam please contact me for a coffee :slight_smile: Or if you want to try our product, we are happy to delivery all over the world.

Thank so much for any comments.