VSG/Bariatric Patient


Anyone here a Bariatric patient. I am wondering how you have faired on this. Consuming enough nutrition is always a problem when you can only hold about 4 oz of food. Liquids are easier, but I can’t do traditional protein shakes. My stomach doesn’t like them. I have tried everything: soy, rice, egg, whey, designer products.

Any insite you can provide will be most appreciated.


Don’t have specifics, but a lot of the Soylenters are just sipping it down and therefore don’t need to hold a lot of food. This is actually preferred way with a lot of them.
For how good your stomach likes it… no idea sorry.


For anyone still wondering about this, it looks to me like the answer is sadly no. According to the nutrution seminar I attended recently for those considering bariatric surgery, while the product consumed needs to be high in protein, it must ALSO be low in carbs. The rule is less carbs than protein. ( >15 grams of protein per serving, <15 grams carbs). Soylent weighs in with 38g of protein (so far so good) but a whopping 85g of carbs per serving. Thus, while I’m not an expert myself, my local expert would say soylent is a no go for bariatric surgery.