Waited forever for new bottles - disappointed


It seemed like forever that I was still getting the old round bottles. Every time a new shipment of 144 bottles came to my house, I’d check to see if I was caught up to the new bottles yet.

It seems I should have been happy that I was behind. The taste is different. The texture seems a bit different too. It’s not a huge change, but it’s not a good change. :frowning:

Plus, the new bottle top isn’t great. I can’t believe I wish I had more of those old bottles with the plastic that you had to pop with your thumb before removing.

I’ve recently been moving from 100% Soylent to making a lot more regular meals for myself (mainly because I’ve been eating the meals I make for my kids), and this change feels like it will accelerate that trend. :disappointed_relieved:


Yep. New bottle Cacao is grainy/tastes different; has black specks in cap threading


I feel your pain, but I hope that the next design will improve the customer experience