Walgreens to offer on-site blood labs


Interesting news I thought this group might be interested in. Apparently Walgreens is partnering with Theranos to provide on-site 4-hour blood test results, using only a finger prick, at some of its locations.



Did anyone else look at the list of tests and want to have them all done just for the hell of it?


I foresee numerous Walgreen’s visits for me. :smile:
Here’s a breakdown of the prices and panels available. Would be a little pricey to get them all.



It is probably more cost effective to purchase a “comprehensive” screening elsewhere (and go to walgreens for specific items not covered) than to get everything on the walgreens menu.


For just a nutrition related blood panel, without any of the real panels listed, it ends up being around $250 for the individual tests.

The rest of those tests are gonna be awesome for medical purposes. Hypochondriacs everywhere rejoice!