Want 8.1 oz powder packs - NO ZIPLOCK

These 16.2 packs are a headache. The simplest way to use them is make 2 jugs at a time, which is inconvient for all kinds of reasons.

The Ziploc makes cutting them open messy. Often not sealed, means powder all over. Seems unnecessary expense. How many people reseal these bags?

Narrower bags would make pouring into the jugs easier. 1 bag, 1 jug - no mixing, no measuring, both jugs don’t need to be clean at the same time, one can be in the dishwasher.

The unnecessary inconvenience is a barrier to use of the product. I consume less because of the effort (and sometimes messy annoyance) of making the stuff.

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Their intention is to use the entire bag to make a pitcher, no need to split it between two. You only need to split it if you like it much more dilute than usual, or prefer to use smaller pitchers.

I’d say from what we’ve seen here that most folks make an entire bag at a time, I’ve only seen a few say they reseal it for later. As long as your averaging a glass a day from the pitcher there’s no need to worry about spoilage.


Thanks! Guess I’ve been making it diluted.

This is what happens when you don’t read the directions! (See pages 4 and 5.)

I use the ziplock bags, but only because I only drink about 750 calories of Soylent per day. I’ve only recently upped the amount from ~500 calories per day. I just wiggle the package a bit before opening to settle anything stuck in the top and then cut as close to the glue seam as possible to allow any product to fall once the air seal is broken.

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If you drink about 750 calories a day, might as well make a whole, 2000 calories pitcher. Refrigerated, Soylent stays good for four days.

I only drink 1000 calories a day, therefore two days per pitcher. But if for some reason I skip a meal, I often drink the last 500 calories on the third day.