Want to be sponsored by Soylent?


Soylent is starting to actively sponsor folks. If you’re famous, or maybe infamous, it may be time to get in touch with @Conor to get set up.

Let’s try to help 'em out a bit though. Who would you like to see sponsored by Soylent?

Bonus, they are now starting to use discount codes as well.


I should be sponsored. I tell everyone in my life how much Soylent has benefitted me. Having said that, in am neither famous or infamous (except in my small circle of friends).

If only there where someone famous or infamous who is a well known spokesperson for a food company…

Wait a second…Jared is available!


I first heard about Soylent from ASAPthoughts youtube channel a year ago


Reviews have been very common, that’s not what I’m talking about though.

They’ve now actually started sponsoring people, as in paid advertising. Soylent has spread through word of mouth until now, so it’s a significant change to see them starting to pay for advertising. It’s going to be interesting to watch their paid marketing grow; I’m certainly looking forward to their Super Bowl L commercial. :wink:

Unless I misread that and you intended to give them a thumps up for sponsorship…


I don’t know what happens behind the scenes but I had the impression that was more or less sponsored


A group hike, maybe. One person hiking (I’ve done it alone in winter from Temecula to San Jacinto) is just a weirdo, but a group is a community.


The League of Legends World Championship (the Super Bowl of video games) would be more like it.


Why not both? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ll be hiking the PCT in 2016, and would be proud to represent Soylent!


Great. From the Mexican border to Canada? When are you leaving?


I’ll be leaving May 2016. :relieved:


Tell us more, you’ve got this whole adventure lined up and you’ve only posted 19 words since creating the account!


I created the account to reply to this post! :wink: I’m interested in a sponsorship and this would be one of the best ones to land, if possible! What would you like to know about my trip?


I’m not an expert hiker, but off the top of my head:

  • Are you hiking the whole 2,600 miles? Are you doing it in one shot?
  • How is the trail set up? Are there designated bolt holes for each evening? What are you taking other than Soylent?
  • Are you going with anyone or hiking solo?
  • How did you get into hiking? What are your favorite trails you’ve hiked in that past?
  • What made the PCT your next big hike?


The PCT is my first big hike, I heard of it last December and proceeded to begin buying gear and planning. I’ve hiked many trails and mountains nearby, but never thru-hiked like this, for such an extended period (it takes 5 months, on average) or for so long (over 2600 miles- & yes I will be hiking the whole trail)! There are trail towns you can hitch to and sometimes the trail even passes through them, but no boltholes along the way- I’ll be carrying my shelter and all other gear I’ll need. I plan to fuel primarily with Soylent and supplement with vegan bars and snacks. I will be setting out alone, but I’m sure to encounter plenty of other hikers (both thru- and day-) along the way!


I’ve used Soylent in triathlon events including a half Ironman (will be doing a full in 2016).
I don’t need sponsorship, but it would be nice to highlight to my fellow athletes what I’m using for sustenance… Maybe a white tech T-shirt with the Soylent logo… Or perhaps “Powered by” and the Soylent logo… Or perhaps a bike jersey would technically be more appropriate as that’s where the Soylent is consumed (while on the bike). Cotton T-shirts are fine for hanging out but while running or cycling it really needs to be tech/polyester… And plain white doesn’t sound all that exciting but it matches the Soylent look and is much nicer on a hot day…


Feel free to shoot me a PM.


Shoot me a PM. :smile:


I would love to see more Soylent shirts/etc. out there. I was watching American Ninja Warrior and kept hoping to see something. One of the guys this year said he lived off of food from the dumpsters behind grocery stores. It would be great to sponsor people in high profile TV shows like that.


We are ramping things up for the new year. That being said we always love feedback and suggestions!