Want to be sponsored by Soylent?


Back in the late 90s when I was driving GM’s EV1 electric car I came to realize that most of GMs advertising efforts were useless. By far the best advertisers of the product were those of us driving the cars and indeed most leases came from word of mouth.

The idea of an electric car in the late 90s isn’t that far off from a product like Soylent today… It’s not immediately obvious what the advantages are or it’s just too far out for people to wrap their heads around… Hearing people explain it gives more of a chance for the idea to sink in.

I hadn’t heard of Soylent until the Colbert Report where Rob explained it and I didn’t order until I had seen a bunch of youtube videos (thanks @vanclute)

Anyway, I guess my point is that for all of us willing to be ambassadors for the concept, we should be walking around with shirts that say “ask me about Soylent!” Or something to that effect.

How did you first learn about Soylent? Share your story!

I’ve been an unsponsored Soylent ambassador since before it arrived on our doorstep on April 30 2014. And obviously MUCH more ever since. Heck I only actually started using Youtube with much frequency at all, because of Soylent. That being said I have no idea what sponsorship would actually entail or if it would make any sense to ask about. But hey, if anyone’s interested you know where to find me/us. :wink:


RL might be well-advised to pay you not to mention that you haven’t liked a version of Soylent since 1.3.


Yep, tis true. And most unfortunate.


That sounds pretty exciting! If you will be sharing your journey on any sort of blog or website or something I’d love to follow along, maybe others here would as well. Hopefully you can share the link here.


I’m currently building my blog and my first post will have to do with my Soylent sponsorship! I’ll post a link in the next few weeks as soon as it’s up!


It’s still under construction, but my blog is up at lonaranger.wordpress.com!! :relieved:


Being a weirdo is fun in this context.


I don’t recall; did you try 2.0? It’s in a whole different category then the powdered versions. If you haven’t, you ought to consider. You might like it.


I assume that she rejected it because it’s not powdered. Every ounce counts on the trail.


I was replying to vanclute, regarding his rejection, which you observed, of everything post 1.3. Powder is the only conceivable medium for long-distance hiking on the trail. For shorter (2-3 day) hikes, lugging some 2.0 works, but beyond that, you’re not even n the ounces category anymore. That’s why some of us hope paste and maybe bars become an option. Next year’s hiking season would be a good launch time.


As I recall, van clute rejected 2.0 untasted, because it had some Soy element he considered unsafe and because of some other stuff he considered lousy. It’s in his messages, somewhere.


for pct, 2.0 might work well for the arid portion, where you’d be carrying all your water anyway, but I don’t know how far that is from the start.


The plastic containers alone make it impossible. Long distance hiking and extra weight do not go together at all. Weight adds up very quickly, too.


Just thought of this thread today when I remembered Lona looking to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Dug up this thread and found her post and her blog, sure enough looks like she is getting ready(a couple months away still). For anyone else that wanted to follow along:


I know this is an old thread, but it seemed relevant.

I’ve been using Soylent for about a year and a half now, off and on, and I’m a fan. I recently got back on the Soylent wagon to help prepare for an arduous trek across Antarctica later this year. I’m hoping that someone at Soylent might be interested in discussing sponsorship.

I left the military in 2011 and last year co-founded a nonprofit called Vetscape, which seeks to help veterans with mental health issues transition from the military and into civilian life. One of our main goals is it put a debt in the epidemic of veteran suicides. After speaking with a number of vets and working through our own experiences, we found that most veterans feel alone and isolated. We decided to ski across the most inhospitable place in the world (on the surface, at least) to show solidarity and that one can get through anything with a team behind them.

As I said, I use Soylent as a meal replacement during training, and I was wondering if there might be a sponsorship opportunity to help reduce the cost in exchange for some promotion.


I will get a 3X5 Soylent tattoo on by back for the right price, $5,000, you pay for the tattoo.

I have no other tattoos.



I wanted to share this info with you but not sure if you will get it here or on your blog. its about a couple who hiked the Appalachian trail and the things they learned on their trip.


I agree with GregH-- I switched over to full time Soylent (coincidentally) training for my last marathon. I would be absolutely interested in any technical tees with the “Powered by Soylent” type print. Its amazing how chatty people get when you match pace on longer runs and that would be a great talking point!


Send me a PM, we are sponsoring someone going to Everest, so this is up our alley.