Want to gain weight with Soylent


Hey guys,

I just received batch 1.4 and was wondering what people are adding to their soylent mix to gain weight. It can be anything from almond butter to powder supplements. I need to eat between 2500 to 3,000 calories and would like soylent to take care of 60-70% of this with just two cups (one in the morning & one in the evening).


Simple: more soylent
When made correctly (1:2 ratio with water), 1ml is about 1 calorie. 3/4 of a pouch is about 1500 calories (60% of 2500), or a whole pouch is 2000 (67% of 3000). You can have somewhere in the middle and divide that between morning and afternoon.
Though each “cup” would be 750-1000 ml (24-32 oz)


If you’re OK with adding a dairy liquid I heartily recommend heavy whipping cream, I use it in my DIY and have found it awesome and delicious. Just a single cup of cream ads ~800 calories, so it should get you to your goal easily. FYI, the generic brands are about half the cost of name brands, I’ve been buying Walmart’s Great Value.


I would suggest a combination of whey protein, avocado oil and masa harina.


I wanted to gain weight with Soylent too, but too many Soylent calories = too much Soylent gas. :frowning:


I hope you don’t mean “cups” literally; I am not sure there is anything that calorie-dense that would be considered remotely healthy to live off of.

I add whey protein isolate. I’m actually trying to lose weight, but have been working out quite a bit and want to make sure to minimize how much of that loss is muscle mass.


These are all great suggestions. I’m going to look at the whip cream and whey protein isolate options. My main goal is to knock down a hefty amount of calories with these two cups of soylent and then get the rest of my calories from healthy eating.