Want to sell 3 weeks 6 days of Soylent 1.5

So I ordered a full month’s worth of Soylent 1.5 when I was still on Soylent 1.3 because I thought that even though it might taste different, I would still be able to drink it. Boy was I wrong. I don’t get the “slimies” or anything. Whereas 1.3 had a “bread-y” taste, 1.5 tastes like over-cooked spaghetti to me. The first taste was “ok, that’s not bad”. The second taste was “ok, still not bad, but hmm, not sure…” and the third taste was “yeah, not gonna happen.” I’m really disappointed because Soylent has been my breakfast & lunch for work for nearly a year or so. Now I gotta figure something else out.

So, I’m thinking $200 + s/h obo… (taking a big loss since I bought it before the price drop :frowning:)

Please pm me.


Have you ever tried flavoring soylent? I use honey with my soylent 2.0. I used to use hot choculte powder with soylent 1.5 but I have moved to all 2.0 for now.

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In some countries its believed that consuming honey everyday makes your bones weak. I am not aware of any studies that prove this though.

So I’ve tried flavoring the 1.5 to no avail. It just tastes like flavored overcooked spaghetti. :anguished:


It might just be a volume of flavoring issue. I add ~15 grams, 3 tablespoons, of cocoa powder to a day of 1.5, which looks like a lot but only gives it a slight chocolate flavor.