Want to try some Soylent?


I’m blessed to have a bounty of boxes at the moment, and an willing to share a day of Soylent.

I would prefer this goes to someone who is contemplating placing an order, or someone who is far down the queue and expects their order delivery is still a bit distant.

The first person to post requesting it will get it, although I do ask that you abide by the following:

Don’t ask if…

…you already have Soylent;

…you have received your shipping emails, or expect to receive them imminently;

…you have already been able to try Soylent;

…you have already won another giveaway.

Finally, if you get it, I truly hope you enjoy it. I know I am. :laughing:

Edit: It’s gone, claimed by @puddin.


Yes please! Would you ship a bag to Australia? (obviously I’d be willing to pay for shipping)


I don’t mind, especially since you can cover the international shipping. PM me your info and I will get it on its way.


I’d like to get a taste of the official, been doing DIY (people chow) for 6 months. I really only need a little (like enough to make a cup) and would happily paypal you some monies for shipping.


I would love to try it also and would be willing to pay for shipping. I have a hard time eating solid food and currently drink Boost for all my meals. I worry that I’m getting way too much sugar, so thought this might be a good option. I’m new to this site and can’t figure out how to PM you.


Oh man, I’d really love some, and would also be willing to pay for the shipping. Truthfully, I know my Soylent order is a ways off, but I got excited and ordered some LorAnn Oils extract to try and flavor it with, and I’d REALLY like to try it out, and report to the community.


Chris, I can drop a bag by in about 5 days, when I get back home.


Claimed by @puddin. Enjoy.


If anyone else would like to do something similar, I’d love it. I really want to try Soylent, but I’m worried I won’t be able to stomach the sucralose. For some reason I taste artificial sweetners and they taste pretty icky to me. I just want to taste a little before I invest in it…and if someone were to do this for me, I’d pay it forward when my husband (who doesn’t have my sucralose issues) or I start Soylent.


If you have an extra, I am a diabetic who wants to test affects it has on my blood sugars. Am planning on posting the results for the knowledge base.