Warehouse pickup?


Given the problems getting Soylent in to Canada, was trying to figure out ways one might continue to get it. My first thought was get it shipped somewhere in the US, and then drive it across. Was just told by someone that to get a US post box, you must have a US address… (might still be able to work around that restriction… not sure), so I’m starting to try to think of other options. Wondering where Soylent is made/packaged/shipped from — wondering if one might be able to pickup directly from them? Trying to make this a ‘forever’ thing in my diet, and really don’t want to stop given how well it’s working for me so far.


One warehouse is in California. Another warehouse is in Pennsylvania.


There are lots of package services along the US border. You ship to one of them. They hold the package for a fee and you have a certain amount of time to pick it up.