Warm Soylent 1.6

Normally, I consume Soylent 1.6/2.0 from a blender bottle with ice cubes to chew on. Since I started eating Soylent from the beginning of the year during the warmer months, this has been fine.

Now that it’s getting colder and I tend to walk outside in the morning, my tongue and mouth are getting numb from the ice - but I’m really looking for that chew factor and craving something warm instead of cold.

My plan: 400 calories 1.6, mixed with 12oz hot water, a serving of raisins and a dash of cinnamon Should be about 530 calories when all said and done.

Wish me luck

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May fortune favor the bold.

Just don’t mix in the raisins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck. But just thinking of 1.6 with hot water gives me lentmold poisoning.

Omg - I liked it! It reminded me of sweetened cream of wheat. The cinnamon was a nice touch. The raisins were pointless - they sank to the bottom (didn’t float like ice does,) so the chew factor I was hoping for was missing.

(And no, it didn’t taste like warm rancid milk in the least. I just pulled a bad quart of milk from the mother in laws refrigerator- how someone even imagines Soylent tastes like sweet rancid milk is beyond me.)

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