Warm Soylent = Liquid Sadness

This morning I realized I forgot to mix up a batch last night, I was hungry, so I figured I’d try throwing one together and drinking with no “sitting” time. Then I also decided to use lukewarm water, as recommended in one of the brochures (when I let it sit overnight, I just use cold tap water; in my experience, soaking overnight makes warm water unnecessary).

So I drank the lukewarm just-made Soylent. It was awful. Normally I find Soylent satisfying and easy to drink (although not incredibly tasty), but this was a struggle to choke down. Not sure why this was so awful, I couldn’t identify any unpleasant flavor in it, but all the same I couldn’t stand it. So note to myself: Always make soylent the night before. When it’s an emergency and I’ll be eating it immediately, use cold water! Grit I can stand, but this I cannot.

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I typically make mine the night before, put it in a blender bottle in the morning, then go to work with it. I set it on my desk, then go get coffee… and then not drink any of the Soylent for about 3 hours.

It’s a bit warm, but not terrible.

That said, I’m not about to go nuke it for 30 seconds to find out what hot Soylent is like…

Its surprising how much temperature can affect your perception of a food or drink. Iced coffee is very bitter, warm beer is awful, room temp water isn’t as good as cold ice water.

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Funny, it’s all so individual. I generally don’t like to drink ice cold water, I much prefer it at room temp or maybe slightly cool. And I don’t drink beer, but don’t they drink it warm in Europe? As for coffee, on those rare occasions that I drink the stuff I prefer it iced. Can’t stand hot coffee unless I bury it in milk & sugar.


And cold tea is disgusting. Eww…

Some beer is best room temperature, some is best cold. When I drink a good stout it should be room temporature, IPA’s I like just a little cool, but a pilsner has to be ice cold to be drinkable at all (IMHO).

But right, many things taste very different warm vs. cold. Add Soylent to the list.

If cold Soylent is good… maybe I should try Soylent Ice Cream!

BRB, going to go get fat.


There were a few early experiments at making Soylent ice cream, as I recall the consensus was DON’T just freeze it - you’ll end up with a brick. But if you use an actual ice cream maker to keep it stirring as it freezes, it can work out pretty well.

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