Warning for Supplemental Soylent


Users of Soylent formulas based on commercial supplements should read this article by the Globe and Mail.

Apparently, a researcher, when looking for a good Vitamin D supplement stumbled upon a number of commercial supplements that had wildly varying amounts of Vitamin D in relation to their nutrition label.

If that’s the case, we need to take extra care on the supplements we choose when making Soylent as I would assume this would effect other Vitamins and Minerals as well.


That is rather alarming. Thank you for showing this to us, @abrthel!


This is exactly why i have not ordered anything yet. Lack of lab data on the products i am about purchase for something like this is not acceptable. Along with that, my emails to companies for detailed lists of ingredients have gone basically unanswered.

Here are some possible USP verified supplements in Canada. Double check them for labels.

Kirkland Signature (Costco)
Nature Made

USP’s website


As far as I know, Ontario does not have any Safeways. We do have Costco, and thus that might be where I have to go look. Thanks @jross!


We do have some Safeways in Ontario, but they all seem to be up north in Kenora, Thunder Bay, etc, not down here in Central or Southern Ontario.