Warning: Problems with Nutrilent

Having problems with the European soylent company Nutrilent. They only sent me half of the meals I ordered. I have been trying to contact them via the website and the email addresses provided, but my messages just keep bouncing back, so it looks like they have disabled all communication channels except the order form.

Anybody here from Netherlands? Do you have something like a small claims court? I don’t care about the money I lost, it’s just the principle. Any other authorities I should contact, consumer rights people etc? I’m happy to travel to Netherlands later to take care of this, but I would like to get the process started from home.

Google has a phone number listed you could try calling: +31 20 362 6459.

You could try contacting them through Facebook or Twitter, too: https://www.facebook.com/Nutrilent/

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Searched for problems with nutrilent and found this. I too can confirm this. Some of the bags I received seemed not fit for consumption so I didnt use them. Been trying to contact them to no avail. Is there another way besides facebook and twitter to contact them?

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Did you try the phone number @wezaleff gave? When I google them, that is the first contact info that pops up.

You would likely need to contact them during their business hours:

Also, they appear to have a form on their contact page, if you haven’t tried that yet.

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I tried that multiple times already. Nobody is picking up or returning my calls.

They are closed on Saturday/Sunday, though according to the hours posted above. Wait till 9:00 AM on Monday.

I knew that, sorry for being unclear. I called them on Thursday and Friday. I’m thinking of visiting their office on Monday since its only a half hour drive from here.

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Any news on this? Did you visit their office?

I’ve just placed an order for 90 meals on December 3rd. Wish I’ve seen this thread before I ordered.

Starting in July or August this year, I’ve ordered quite a lot boxes (mostly 90 meal packs) and was pretty happy with their product, as well as their service. I even had a monthly subscription (at first this was not possible), but it was stopped after the first month because of some issues with the subscriptions / PayPal. I’ve decided to place a regular order (90 meals / €165) in the meantime.

Before subscriptions were possible, they threw in some additional meals for free to compensate for the price difference of a single order vs. subscription, after I stated I’d rather have a subscription. Also, I’ve won a free 30 meal pack with their “guess the number of packs” giveaway on Facebook. I’ve always been able to choose the exact number of meals for each flavour for my variety pack orders. Always had my orders either the day after ordering or the next. Every time I’ve received complete orders (sometimes more than I ordered) and never “unfit for consumption”.

So I was pretty satisfied, until now. Perhaps they’ve vanished? I called my bank but unfortunately they cannot take back the money since I had paid with iDEAL. I live in The Hague, but I’ll be in Amsterdam next Wednesday, so I might drop by their office, although I don’t expect much more than a closed/locked building.