Warnings B4 Upgrades

My journey on Soylent began at 1.4. I loved it; worked well for my body.

Shortly thereafter, 1.5 was released. It seemed to make some pretty big changes to the formula, and my body didn’t take to it as well as 1.4. It was frustrating, because I had begun to rely on Soylent as a large part of my diet. And suddenly, it wasn’t working as well (for me).

Now 2.0 works even better for me than did 1.4.

My concern is that the next release could again dramatically change the formula, and thereby, dramatically change the way my body reacts to soylent.

If Rosa could give us some updates, we could pre-plan and order larger quantities of the product that is working for us just in case the new release doesn’t work as well.



My journey has been a little different. Each version of Soylent has produced less and less of the toxic gas we are all familiar with. I am now working through my remaining 7 boxes of Soylent 1.5 which I can only each for 2/3 of my diet. Once that is done I am going 100% Soylent 2.0.

I think the closest thing you will get is to be on the beta program. You can then possibly try out the next version while still being able to order the current version.

That being said, we’ve lost some great people from the recipe changes. Maybe Rosa Labs could sell the next and previous version for a couple weeks. Maybe even sell the previous version(s) until you people aren’t ordering enough to justify it. I know it would be a pain for the company but the lack is a pain for the customers.

The best plan is to have a DIY backup. I started doing my own DIY before Soylent shipped so that is always an easy fallback for me. I guess there are enough third parties making and shipping DIY that you just have to find one you like.

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.Two ceutics is enough.

I assume by ceutics you mean versions? Enough for whom?

No. Forms of consumption like (pharma)ceutics.

I had thought 1.5 was still available. Has Rosa Labs discontinued all the powdered food Soylent 1.x versions when Soylent 2 came out?

No. Go to https://www.soylent.com/product/powder/ and order it.

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