Was Cacao discontinued, or am I just not finding it?

The new “improved” chocolate is disgustingly sweet. Allulose is way more potent than sucralose.

I’ll be really disappointed if this is the case. This was pretty much the soylent flavor I consistently ordered all of the time.

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I was discontinued like all the other good flavors and replaced by disgustingly sweet versions that are impossible to stomach. I had subsciption of the original cocoa and was able to make a one-time order, but that’s it. I’ve been with Soylent since the crowdfunding campaign, but this is just bullshit.

So I’m looking for alternatives, if anyone can name a company and a products, I’ll be grateful.

My advice: Try Jimmy Joy. They have two flavors of premixed drink, the chocolate is less sweet that the old Soylent Cacao but very good. The vanilla tastes kind of banana-y to me, it’s OK also. The bottles are smaller, so it’s less filling, but still 400KCal, still pretty much 20% of RDA of all the micros. Slightly more carbs, slightly less fat, compared to Soylent. I’ve switched to it because I don’t care for the new Soylent flavors.

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Great, thank you for the tip! I’ll give them a try.

I am still able to stomach Cafe Mocha and it’s is a perfect morning meal for me (though I like the dry taste of the Coffiest flavor way more) but since I’m getting about 25%-50% of calories from Soylent daily, the new sweet-as-hell flavors put me in an uncofortable situation. The Cacao was already on the verge of being to sweet for me, so the Jimmy Joy’s drink sounds like something I will enjoy.

How sweet is their vanilla drink in comparison to Soylent Cacao?

It’s hard to judge JJ vanilla vs. Soylent Cacao because the flavors are so different. I’d say that vanilla is a little bit sweeter than the old (pre-allulose) original flavor Soylent.

Whoa, Cocao was the the best option by faarrrrrrr. The creamy chocolate isn’t terrible but not a daily driver imo. I’m totally flabbergasted by this decision.

thanks a lot. will try.
thanks OP for asking this, i was wondering it myself and couldn’t realize why i wasn’t finding it

I’m sure sorry to see so many folks not enjoying the new flavors.
For anyone that is “surprised” to see Soylent dropping the old flavors, I’d just like to let you know that there are people out there that enjoy them, and I would bet Soylent is seeing this in the form of increased sales. I happen to be one of the folks that REALLY enjoys the allulose formula. My wife has never been a big Soylent consumer, but she does agree that the new ones are better than the old.

I hope you guys are able to find something that fits your pallet better. And sorry again… I’d be pretty annoyed if they removed my favorite flavors too :frowning:.