Washington Soylent sale


Im in the Seattle metro area (Everett) and I have a bit of extra Soylent and because of life changes (oh bla dee oh bla dah) I need to downsize. I’m not looking to profit at all just recover my losses. I’d sell cheap on ebay but I think the shipping might destroy me. So if there are locals who are interested or sugar daddies who can cover shipping and the original cost of Soylent I would love to hear from you. I don’t want to break anything down smaller than one week increments. Then you get the awesome box opening experience.
Or even if you are a Canadian down for a trip. I’m a big fan of Canada.

Pm me if interested
$64/week plus shipping or pick it up free. But know i don’t have my license yet so I can’t drive it around.

I apologize if anyone is offended by this


Unfortunate to hear. Especially as you just got your 8 week order.


Don’t worry, nobody will be at all offended by your selling your Soylent at cost. You’ll get takers for your boxes quickly.


Cheers to that. Here’s hoping


I’ll buy it and pay shipping. I’d be interested in at least a week, but could buy more (not sure how much you have?)


Heck, I’d buy some, except that I have enough left that it’d be wrong to take the chance from someone who doesn’t have any.


Yeah. Life’s not turning out at all as I wanted it to :frowning:


I would be interested in purchasing two weeks worth and also willing to cover shipping costs.


I will purchase however many weeks are left and will cover shipping. I can paypal.


Hi, I’m in Seattle and happy to buy 3-4 weeks worth. I can pick up in Everett too.




Cooooooool. You all rock. I’m going to freeze this so I can reach out to you. Also finish work. But I’m still here!


i’ll take a couple weeks (or more). i can pay for shipping to southern california, and pay with paypal.


If there is still some for sale, I’d definitely like to buy some. Thanks for doing this for the community.


I’m in the Seattle area and I’m also interested in purchasing if there’s any left! I live near Everett and I can come pick it up. :smile:


This is why some sellers have sold in one-week orders, because there are always gonna be more people who want it than is available for the forseeable future. See? And you were worried.


I would like to buy a few weeks off of you. I live in Shoreline and can drive up to Everett to pick up.