Watch me bake Soylent brownies


Last year I baked my first batch of Soylent brownies, and have made many more since. I filmed the whole thing, and thought I had lost the footage. Fortunately I just found it again and edited & posted it to Youtube. So, if you like this sort of thing… enjoy!


At what step do you add the Cannabis oil? :yum: :wink:


HAHAHAHA… funny you mention that, one of my earliest threads here was asking if anyone had used Soylent to bake medicated items. Given that for many people, just getting food into them can be a huge chore and eating cannabis cookies & brownies all the time can’t be great for them, medicated Soylent goods seem like a fantastic alternative to those who need that. But no, I have not done any such experiment myself.


This is fantastic! I’ve only tried liquid based changes to Soylent.


Is Soylent 1.4 going to work for brownies?

And if not, what happens to us Kickstarter backers?


That’s something I’m quite curious about myself! Fortunately however I have a decent supply of 1.3 at the moment, and I think I may have finally figured out all the right pieces to a “perfect” brownie. More to come on that front. But suffice it to say that I intend to use 1.3 to get you all your brownies ASAP. I just haven’t been quite happy enough with the outcome of each of my tests. They’ve been perfectly edible for sure, but if I’m sending these to people… I want them to be PERFECT and not “just OK”. :slight_smile:


Look great! I like it.