Water calculations and soylent


I just saw this post form last October http://robrhinehart.com/?p=1152- most of it seemed like a rather ill-conceived attempt to lessen water usage (taking antibiotics so you wouldn’t poop? really rob?) but the part that interested me was the calculation for how much water is used in soylent production. Going by his numbers, which state that soylent uses 2030L per day and the SAD uses 4000L per day, if every American replaced one meal a day with soylent, it would save the world over 200 billion liters of water per day. that is incredible! that’s a yearly saving over 73 trillion liters of water! just thought that was an interesting tidbit.


Don’t forget however that Soylent is not intended to be all of your water for the day. That probably factors into the calculation somewhere…


Standard American Diet food doesn’t provide all your daily fluids, either, I don’t think…


It does not, which is why many, many Americans are dehydrated.