Water Filter Pitcher Recommendations?

I’m using a PUR filter, and it’s been working great since I got it a few years ago. But I’ve ran out of filter replacements, and when I went on Amazon to order some, I found out P&G changed the design of the filter, and basically shitified them.

So I’m wondering if anyone here has recommendations on a good pitcher-based water filter? It obviously needs to be able to hold at least 2 liters (for the Soylent, yo!), so the hip Soma filter and its ilk is out of the picture.

A pitcher styled like the one I have;


would be awesome (I love the form factor and the dispenser). If it’s glass, even better :smile:

I use the smaller size pitcher, but I’m very happy with it…>>>


Like you, I found out the hard way that Pur has become crap.
Tried Zero water for a few months, untill a local store stopped selling filters
Now I own this one and have 6 extra filter to be safe.

I really, REALLY like the ZeroWater filter. Best one I’ve ever used, not that I have used every filter out there of course. Still, I found it a good deal, and have no problems getting filters online.