Watering it down works great!

I’d become sick of the taste and thickness of 1.4. It was making me nauseous.

I saw someone post about increasing the amount of water. I tried using only half a bag of powder with a full pitcher of water, and it’s way better this way. I don’t mind it at all.

Also, I feel like it helps with the digestion issues, which were still a big problem for me.

I’m still eager to shift to 2.0, but this may get me through my 1.4 supply.



I mix mine like normal in the pitcher and then add water when I put it in my blender bottle to drink. That way I don’t have to make two pitchers full for a single day. I think that is a much simpler way of doing things.

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Are you referring to this thread? Diluting 1.5 makes it better

If so I’m glad my tips could help ^^

I think so…thanks @hasen!

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