Watery Stools/wet farts return with 2.0

I have consumed a minimum of 1000 calories of Soylent per day for the last 12 months and have had multiple boxes of almost all versions. I noticed that if I consume additional water at about 1 pitcher water:1 pitcher mixed Soylent 1.5, I feel a lot less drowsy throughout the day. This is absolutely essential to me.

However, if I consume that much water with other versions such as 1.1 and 2.0, watery stools and skid marks result. How much water am I supposed to consume? I read of people using psyllium husk to cure this–should I do this with 2.0?

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I got in the habit of taking some fiber (psyllium husk capsules or fiber gummies) before each Soylent 2.0. It helps me with those problems.

I use 800 kcal/day of soylent during the work week and supplement with 15g of fiber / day, in addition to another 800 kcal/day of food food (which tends to be pretty high fiber also).

please do not attempt to reduce your water intake to solve this problem.

Fibre in powder form is very limited in function. The fibre lattice must be intact for it slow the digestive process. As is suggested, increase your intake of unprocessed fibre. Fresh cruciferous vegetables are best, very little prep required. Eat fresh food, not too much, mostly plants.

I don’t know about that. powdered psyllium husk has both soluble & insoluble fiber, and has been effective for me in addressing this kind of problem.

I’m sad to say that 2.0 gives me excessive smelly gas. :frowning: I was drinking just one bottle a day for about two weeks. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the powdered versions of Soylent (Particularly the first couple of versions, yikes) but it was bad enough to be annoying. I took the last three days off and feel relieved to be back to normal. At this point I think I’m throwing in the Soylent towel, no mas, no mas. I’ve been drinking one Ensure Plus a day for the past three days and for some reason that doesn’t give me gas. Maybe because use a mix of milk/soy protein? I don’t know. :frowning:

For the record I’ve had gas problems with every powdered protein or weight gainer shakes I’ve tried, so I can’t really blame Soylent on this. I think I’m just not good at digesting some things.

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I take psyllium fiber capsules too.

What if people just took Imodium twice a day or something?

I overthink things wayyyyy too much, but I always worry when I take the extra fiber that it’ll absorb some of the nutrients that are in the soylent.

So what if people just took Imodium?

Not sure how to edit my last post to add this:

The Imodium would just slow your bowels down and firm up the stool. It’s an anti diarrhea medicine and people with conditions such as IBS use it faithfully. I’ve also read where people with IBS have asked their doctors about the long term safety of using Imodium daily, and people say that their doctors tell them it’s completely safe. So idk…

I just can’t resist reading a thread with wet farts in the subject line.