We Are Getting Back Almost 1635 Of Our Jellybeans


A friend shared a great video today that helps you see how much time you really have available in your life. On average, we live for 28,835 days. After time spent sleeping, working, cooking, eating and doing other necessities, most people are left with only a small portion to do with as they choose (it doesn’t give a number on this).

Apparently, us Soylent consumers are taking back almost 1635 of our 28,835 days.


Soylent users “live” over 4 years longer? :smiley:


Dang it, I was trying to shorten my life expectancy, not increase it.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.


Soylent users “live” over 4 years longer? :smiley:

No, they are talking about the time savings from not cooking. Which is assuming you spend 1 hr 21 minutes per day cooking and eating.


I quantified these numbers for 30 days, the average time I spent on cooking+eating per day was ~80 minutes, and I’m pretty fast.
Now its more like 15 minutes :slight_smile:

I just did the calculations…I’m 25, assuming I’ll live till 70 years old, I just got an extra 2 years. Cool :smiley:


That’s why I put “live” in the “” thingies.

You have 1635 days more of your life to use. :smiley: