We got any betting kind of people here?


I just want to start off with saying that I am by no means mad about the delays. I understand these things happen and I am content waiting.

So I have just finished the fourth week of my second delay. Who here will bet that I will get my Soylent in the next 2 weeks as promised? Who is betting I get delayed again?


I bet that you WILL get your mix, and I’ll tag @Soylent to improve my odds :wink:


And I bet any non-gambler that I can get them to bet on something by the end of the day.


What is your order date?

I think that how many weeks passed since last email is irrelevant, because we have shipment tracker and can predict when somebody’s order is getting close.


I have two, 2 week orders. First one was ordered on jun 13, this is the one I am referring to in this thread. The second one was ordered Aug 7, which I might cancel and switch to a subscription depending on how I do with the first order. I was actually hoping to see how many people have the confidence to bet that the Soylent team will stand by their promises for shipment or if people have started to loose faith in the companies ability to stand by their word. Oh well, I guess my point was lost.


I’m not a gambler, but taking that bet would make me one (and cause me to instantly lose the bet) and thus… no dice.

Nice try though. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I guess :wink:


I placed my subscription order Jun 28. I have received two delay notification. I have not received a shipment tracker for either the kit or the original order. (Nor another delay, and yes, I have checked my spam folder. Nothing has ever gone to spam… but I still check.)

The tracker is a volunteer effort and is questionable. There is someone who claims they placed their order on Jun 21 and received their tracking emails on Jul 27. Riiight…

There are also tons of people who have most likely received their tracking emails and never bothered to update the tracker.

Someone has claimed that they placed their order on June 27 and received their tracking emails earlier this week. It’s entirely possible that @Soylent will be sending me a tracking order soon.

While I don’t gamble-- and thus no point in responding to the OP-- with my tertiary delivery window being Nov 6 through Nov 20 and still no word from @Soylent I am not hopeful that they will be able to keep their commitment to me. For me it’s really becoming a pressing decision whether or not to ask for a refund.



I feel your pain… Although for me (ordering mid August) I’m still months away from speculating on any additional delays. At the time they said 4-5 months so until new years 2015 I’m going to try to remain calm.


To any one that is interested, I received my soyelnt in the allotted time. Wonder who bet right?


Lucky you-- I’m still waiting for my 3rd delay window (fourth delivery window) to arrive and pass.