We Love U Soylent Team!


So I have been thinking over my posts lately…they have been fairly critical of the Soylent team for recent delays and inaccuracies. I personally wanted to let the guys know that these comments where not meant as mean attacks on them and their character (though I guess it could definitely have been seen as that).

For me this forum offers the only place to vent my frustrations about not already having Soylent.

With other people in my life I keep a positive tone on the whole Soylent thing to keep from having questions asked of me about the expense and validity of sustaining on the product by friends and family. You guys are my only “soylent” friends so I can only really talk, vent and think out loud about soylent here.

I just wanted the Soylent (Rosa Labs) team to know that I really do appreciate what they are bringing to me and the world…the current product and their visions for the future…better health and soylent producing algee :smile:

I wanted to offer this thread as a place for other like minded folks to express similar feelings (if you have any) to the team that has been working hard, at times, with little encouragement from us.


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Criticism certainly has a place and does let them know where they can do better, but you are right, this isn’t easy to go from concept to shipping without major problems.

I too am looking forward to getting my Soylent. Most of the complaining will be forgotten once things start running smoothly. We are watching a company grow in it’s infancy, and we a feel a sense of ownership and due our rewards with our early investments, but at the end of the day, I’m sure they are doing everything they can to make things run smoothly.


I understand this has been a difficult process for Rob and team. They are not experts on the topic of mass producing and shipping food (yes, food, it goes in your piehole even if it is not muggle food). To go from concept to delivery in a year is actually really good considering it was a learning process for them, as well as difficulties coming up with the right formula.

Remember all the updates about “this version is too gritty, that version tastes bad,” etc.? Finding the right ingredients to have balanced nutrition AND have a good taste/texture AND be able to be sourced in large quantities AND be as free of ingredients that cause common food allergies AND make the vegans happy… I could keep going, but I think you get the idea.

Of course, some of what the Soylent team said has been construed as lies by some members of the community. I myself am neutral on this topic as I give them the benefit of the doubt, and I understand plans can change. I think all that needs to be said here is you cannot please everyone, and finding the right way to communicate bad news (e.g. another delay) is not easy.

Soylent has the potential to be a major disruption to the food industry. Not just Soylent, but other products like it. The idea that proper nutrition does not require giving major food companies tons of money will seriously piss off those big companies if liquid diets make a dent in their profits. I hope Rob and team have thought about how to fight a lawsuit when Big Business comes knocking and tries to sue them for patent infringement, legislate them out of existence, or interfere with their supply chain. The big boys play dirty, and once you enter their playground, be prepared for an ugly fight.


I’d also like to chime in here, @JulioMiles @rob and everyone else there!

You all are amazing! I can’t wait to see my shipment show up… but I’m really glad you all have done what you have done. Without you I would have never thought of getting rid of muggle food. I really wish you all the best!


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I am surprised every time somebody says something negative. As many have pointed out, this is a revolutionary product. I am shocked they went from zero to shipping in such a short time. I would be shocked if there weren’t more bumps along the way. When they happen, I won’t complain about them.

For the people complaining about the prices… They are giving away the recipe and gave you the tools and community to make your own DIY version that you can choose the cost of. If you don’t like high quality, high price, rice protein, then make yours with something cheap and lumpy.

Even without ever seeing Soylent, even if I cancelled my order (which I won’t), Soylent existing has made my life better.

Everybody relax. Ten years from now we will all look back and wonder we everybody got so bent out of shape.


In the context of a forum on Soylent, I think using “normal” “Regular” in describing food works better for me than muggle food. I don’t even know what muggle food is (I’m pretty sure it has something to do with Harry potter but there are other slang meanings as well.


This is a bit ridiculous. Soylent/Rosa Labs is a company. Sure, it’s personified by a couple ‘o scrappy college-lookin’ dudes chasing the startup dream- but it’s a still company. And as a company, they’ve done some things that are worth calling out without guilt. The delays have been ridiculous. The shifting in shipping priorities to increase preorders have been ridiculous. The price hikes are a bit ridiculous, given the initial promise of “things only getting cheaper once we figure out the whole ‘bulk purchase’ thing”. To be fair, there were a lot of unknown unknowns goin’ on, but it was NOT sold to us on the premise of “we really can’t say WHEN they’ll ship! there’s just too many variables!”. We were confidently given “worst case estimates” that were off by months.

And this isn’t to say they haven’t done some cool stuff either- the decision to include a free pitcher/scoop is pretty sweet. Heck, the fact that this product is available in a world where it previously wasn’t is pretty sweet. So let’s call them out when they ought be called out, and show appreciation when they ought be shown appreciation. You shouldn’t feel guilty as your behavior shouldn’t be personal- you’re reacting to the actions of a company.


calling it muggle food at best is pretty silly and at worst is just another way for people on a specific diet to laugh at all the "stupid’ people not eating the way they do.


WOW… this train derailed quickly…

In Ecig culture we call regular cigs Analogs…could be Analog food…soylent would be digital :smile:

With most companies you are not as directly connected with the creators…you see them as a faceless business…

since we do still have such direct contact with the folks doing alot of the work and we are much more directly critical of them. which is why i thought it would be nice once in a while to remind them that our frustrations really are with the company which has to deal with delays and difficulties…but we want to encourage the GUYS that we really want what they want to create for us and to say thank you for working so hard to make it happen.


I completely agree. Sometimes it is tough to be patient as the delays come, but at the end of the day, I am getting something that I otherwise never would have had and never would have thought even remotely possible. Even if I NEVER received Soylent (knocking on wood as we speak), the access to the DIY community here would be tremendous.

That said, I’d still like another update soon on the schedule!


Companies are made up of people. We should be aware of that when interacting with them, even critically. Every action a company takes is actually the result of actions by one or more of its members. @VadimGod shouldn’t feel guilty, but it’s still awesome for him to tell the Soylent team that he appreciates what they are doing overall despite some disagreements.

I myself have been critical in the past, so in the spirit of the topic, I would like to say: Soylent team, thanks for going through all of this effort to bring more awesome into the world!


I’m not saying it’s OK to personally attack any of soylent or be guiltless spewing non-constructive flame- there are definitely still lines that ought not be crossed. But from what I’ve seen on this forum, the criticisms are well within the realm of appropriate. As a company, there are things you can do to defer liability from any given members to said company, and this “company” can make decisions/face consequences for them. I think it’s smart to dehumanize what is inherently not-a-human (the company) and meet it with considered criticism. That’s not only best for the sake of sensible discussion on the topic, but it’s safest for the members of the company.

For all I know the soylent team is a bunch of great guys and gals. I say let’s keep it that way, because, no offense, I really don’t care too much what rob or julio or whoever is really like. I just want to be treated fairly and considerately by the entity that I’m interacting with (the company).

And as such, I would greatly appreciate better communication re: the shipping! :wink:


Well, yes, but isn’t the point of soylent supposed to be less work? I give credit to the DIY crowd, but that’s exactly what I didn’t want to do, add more thought/time/effort to my caloric intake. If I wanted to put 25 ingredients together myself, I’d be cooking right now.


The initial set up is work, but it’s very easy and fast to put together once you get over the start up ‘costs’. I cook a lot, in huge batches, for my family. It’s different in that you can do it while watching tv and not really thinking. Timing doesn’t matter. I have my #'s marked on all the containers so I don’t even reference a sheet. I did 2 weeks worth in about 30min yesterday, including some running around trying to figure out how to open a new can of olive oil… This would’ve taken me at least a 2-3 hours if I was cooking a huge batch to freeze, plus huge clean up time.

I guess, I see it as, you have to compare oranges to oranges. Soylent saves you less time in comparison to cooking meals with the same kind of quality nutrition and the kind of incredible control over what you’re intaking. It doesn’t save you time if you were just eating bread with butter or simple ham sandwiches everyday.

Also, you can find decent recipes that only have 5-7 ingredients. I imagine those are even easier and faster to put together (mine has 17).


Hear hear! There’s too much bitching going on in this forum. I know it’s going to disappear as soon as the product arrives, but the impatience only grows the closer we come, and I’m sure it’s frustrating for the team. I’m impatient too, but that’s only a sign of how much I’m anticipating it. Keep up the good work, and keep churning it out!


Where’s your line? If week after week the goal posts are changed wouldn’t you expect at least some people to get a little upset?


“They are a company” doesn’t mean they suddenly become infallible, and expecting that seems absurd to me. It is far more fair to say they are a start-up, and start-ups often have a rocky time with logistics. Most companies do not have their follies and misteps on display for all to see. Give them a break, companies are just a bunch of people, not ascended beings. Large, influential companies that can get things done were not like that from day 1.
Sure, the company creates a shield to address concerns at indirectly rather than putting blame on an individual, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be understanding of the challenges involved.