Website Never Seems to be Completely Up to Date


It always seems like there is a constant error on the main site. Just on a quick glance I have already noticed that the Sodium level is incorrect for Nutrition facts (says 1,640 mg). You can literally click the “Complete Facts” .pdf link right below it and see the problem. I don’t know who is in charge of updating the site when versions change or other stuff changes (like shipping times), but they are not doing a very good job at keeping things up to date.

This main website is HUGE for anyone wanting to learn about Soylent for the first time and the fact that information is either incorrect or directly contradicting itself makes Soylent, and Rosa Labs by extension, seem extremely unprofessional. I want nothing but the best for Soylent and a lacking website hurts everyone.


Keeping it up to date through all the changes is likely difficult. If you make a list of everything you see and tag @Conor in your post, then he can probably get everything you see corrected. (or message him directly)

I know I have listed incorrect ship dates and other things I have seen in the past and he was good about getting them corrected.


There were times when I noticed mistakes, or outdated pages, but found if I simply refreshed the page it would update. Old info was being cached on my browser.


I have no doubt it is hard. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done better though. It isn’t the responsibility of the community to read their site to look for errors.

I wish it were that simple, but even IF that was the case then it should be accounted for through the use of a “no-cache” section of CSS. Stuff like nutrition or even price shouldn’t be allowed in cache due to their evolving nature every couple of months.


We are in the process of updating our website. We are improving the site across the board both on the back end and the front. We are always thankful for any errors spotted by the community.


Thanks for the update, Conor! :thumbsup:


@Conor Are there possibly any plans for a better review and editing process?


We review and edit everything we can, but we are still a small team. Beyond that we have some changes in the works. I’m working on updating the front.