Week #2 - 30 days of nothing but Soylent

My bud is on his 2nd week of nothing but Soylent. Lots of people have done this, but the difference with Josh is that he’s a runner…so he’s running 60 miles week using only Soylent.

Kinda neat.

Here’s his update.


Go Josh!

He calls Soylent a wannabe protein shake though, and I think he’s got it backwards - protein shakes want to be Soylent! :smiley:


Interesting thoughts about efficiency at the end. For me, Soylent doesn’t make more time for work; it makes work quicker so I can go home sooner to the even more enjoyable part of my life.

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Wow, he’s right back at his starting weight. After the first week it looked like it wasn’t going to work out for him. Very cool, thanks for the update.

He asks whether he should add salt and protein. He started adding protein. You could ask him to add salt too. With that much running he needs more than 2000mg sodium per day. My educated guess is he can go even upto 2300 mg sodium…the highest recommended intake as he is fully non-sedentary/and non-hypertensive too right?. He could take it on the side or add the extra to soylent if the taste allows.

This is excellent. Exactly what I need to know for my own lifestyle & DIY formula. Thanks for sharing!

@theSamParr – I may have missed this, but what were his macro ratios prior to Soylent? Similar or dramatically different? I didn’t see anyway to contact him aside from Facebook & Twitter and since you know him personally… :smile:

We’ll share that in the last blog post. Not that we’re hiding it, we just haven’t gotten all the info together. He sent it to me a while back, I’ll see if I can find it.


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