Weekly Challenges


Hi Everyone - I just launched a website: www.bodydefy.com. We do interesting challenges each week to help you be more fit. A lot of people in the Soylent community are looking to be more fit - these challenges are something that can help do one small thing each week to be healthier.

Last week’s challenge was - to drink water each morning and do 30 burpees on days you are not working out.


Heh, 30 burpees IS a workout :wink:


Hahaha I was about to say that - 30 burpees every day is no joke


:slight_smile: you can split them up. Do 10 at a time. The goal is on days you don’t work out try to move around a bit. These can be done while watching TV, but yes its not easy.

Though, there are some easier challenges, its a mix of hard & easy. Before that it was to sleep 7 hours, one before that was drink two cups of water each morning. Give it a shot, one small step each week to make you healthier.


Cobalt - question for you - what did you think of the site from a glance? Something worth signing up for?

We’re trying to revise the look so any feedback would be helpful.


I wouldn’t sign up, but it’s not because I think it’s a bad idea, it’s just not my thing. I keep reading/hearing that these types of services are very helpful and popular though, and I like that it has a broad focus on health in that it’s not just about exercise or weight loss, the water challenge was a good idea.

If you’re interested in design feedback, I have a couple thoughts:

  1. I’m not sure if it displays correctly on a normal computer, but on my iPad, the quote in the yellow space runs over into the lines below, making the end of it hard to read.

  2. I’d either darken the background picture or lighten it and change the text to black… The white text isn’t a good contrast with the lighter parts of the background.


Hmm, I’ve tried resizing the window to all sorts of weird sizes using Chrome and the quote block still looks okay (as long as the width is at least 768px; it disappears below that for what I assume to be a more concise mobile display); may be a browser compatibility issue, it’s easy to miss things like that in QA when you’re testing more than one platforom.


Nick, Cobalt - I really appreciate the feedback!!! I’ll revise the website accordingly. Very helpful in figuring out a better way to grow.