Weekly subscription?

Given how heavy bottles of liquid can be for a whole month supply, I don’t want to do a monthly subscription to Soylent 2.0

So far I like it, and I want to keep using it.

My first batch is about to finish (I think I just ordered 12 bottles), and for my next batch I’m thinking of ordering 24 or 36. Then I’ll order again when that one is about to finish.


Sorry I didn’t make it clear.

I was trying to ask (request?) if there will be an option for a weekly subscription rather than a monthly one.

Umm…Ok. Thanks for telling us your plan on what you are planning on ordering.


Maybe you could start a second subscription two weeks after the first? That way they would be staggered?


@Zenman thanks for the suggestion! Such an obvious idea! I couldn’t think of it :joy:

Cool! I have no idea if it will work to be honest. They might group all of their subscriptions to individual addresses in one bulk shipment. It’s worth a try though!

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Shipping is cheaper when in bulk (1 pack * 4 shipments is more then 4 packs in 1 shipment), and and since there’s a year shelf life on the bottles, it’s easy to store. So there’s little incentive to ship more often.

I’m often not home when the shipment arrives, so every single time I have to go myself to the post office to pick it up.

The heaviness of the package is good incentive from my point of view to never order a full month supply (even though I want to).

That’s fine, and staggering subscriptions should work for you, but your case is rare.

Weekly shipments is not something they actively want to encourage for the masses. It’s just not efficient, both in money or for the environment.

I’ve been thinking about this same thing.
I don’t have a car, and packages are not allowed to be shipped to actual apartments at my campus, so every time I receive an order I have to beg a friend to drive me to the post to pick it up since a month is too heavy and unwieldy to carry.
I just ordered half a month of 2.0, and depending on the box size and weight I’ll either try and do 2 shipments so I can fit it on my bike, or go back to begging for rides :confused:


I can’t imagine being the only one with this problem. Everyone has cars or work from home or have a family/SO always home to receive the shipment? I imagine the people interested in Soylent would be mostly singles and young who use public transportation to/from work.

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There is always Uber or Lyft or whatever is popular nowadays. Of course that drives up the cost of Soylent for you but what choice do you have?

I’m splitting my subscription up into 2 24 pack orders because I feel bad for the mailmen.

I’m glad they don’t do “bulk discount” anymore because that would’ve prevent us from getting the “right price” if we split a big order into two small orders.

Its only a little over a mile, it’s too short to warrant that, but slightly to long to carry by hand. Im almost tempted to “borrow” a shopping cart once a month lol

Time to hit the gym I guess?

I was actually surprised by how small and light the box was. I would have no problem fitting 24 bottles in an empty backpack and walking to my local post office if needed.

This was in reference to a whole month, which is like 140 or so bottles. I think the size would be as big an issue as the weight :stuck_out_tongue:

You could always get one of these. They have a really nice one at bed bath and beyond, not sure about the quality of this one:

Yeah, I mentioned possibly “borrowing” one from a grocery store :^)
For now I’ll probably just beg my roommate to drive me. The amount I got to try should be fine now for walking or taking the bus if it’s Really needed for now.

Keep in mind the bottles are just slightly over a pound each (~460g), so plan your trek accordingly.

Oh wow, that’s more than I expected. How are mailmen getting a month’s supply up stairs? That’s utterly absurd.
Thanks for the heads up!