Weekly subscription?


That’s fine, and staggering subscriptions should work for you, but your case is rare.

Weekly shipments is not something they actively want to encourage for the masses. It’s just not efficient, both in money or for the environment.


I’ve been thinking about this same thing.
I don’t have a car, and packages are not allowed to be shipped to actual apartments at my campus, so every time I receive an order I have to beg a friend to drive me to the post to pick it up since a month is too heavy and unwieldy to carry.
I just ordered half a month of 2.0, and depending on the box size and weight I’ll either try and do 2 shipments so I can fit it on my bike, or go back to begging for rides :confused:


I can’t imagine being the only one with this problem. Everyone has cars or work from home or have a family/SO always home to receive the shipment? I imagine the people interested in Soylent would be mostly singles and young who use public transportation to/from work.


There is always Uber or Lyft or whatever is popular nowadays. Of course that drives up the cost of Soylent for you but what choice do you have?


I’m splitting my subscription up into 2 24 pack orders because I feel bad for the mailmen.

I’m glad they don’t do “bulk discount” anymore because that would’ve prevent us from getting the “right price” if we split a big order into two small orders.


Its only a little over a mile, it’s too short to warrant that, but slightly to long to carry by hand. Im almost tempted to “borrow” a shopping cart once a month lol


Time to hit the gym I guess?


I was actually surprised by how small and light the box was. I would have no problem fitting 24 bottles in an empty backpack and walking to my local post office if needed.


This was in reference to a whole month, which is like 140 or so bottles. I think the size would be as big an issue as the weight :stuck_out_tongue:


You could always get one of these. They have a really nice one at bed bath and beyond, not sure about the quality of this one:

Carrying Soylent 2.0 shipments from the post office

Yeah, I mentioned possibly “borrowing” one from a grocery store :^)
For now I’ll probably just beg my roommate to drive me. The amount I got to try should be fine now for walking or taking the bus if it’s Really needed for now.


Keep in mind the bottles are just slightly over a pound each (~460g), so plan your trek accordingly.


Oh wow, that’s more than I expected. How are mailmen getting a month’s supply up stairs? That’s utterly absurd.
Thanks for the heads up!


I would imagine they don’t pack more than four 12 packs into a single box, which makes moving it around easier. I’m sure someone who received a large order will come along to clarify.


On the contrary. I’d argue that by dropping their bulk discount (which passed some of those savings on to customers), RL has actively encouraged smaller and more frequent shipments.


I would agree: That is the logical outgrowth. If smaller, more frequent shipments are the same price as larger, less frequent shipments, the smaller ones would seem to be more convenient and thus preferred choice.


Or they could simply apply the discounted price to any individual orders made by customers with active subscriptions. Would solve a lot of customer logistic issues I imagine.

I would love to be able to have a smaller monthly order, and add an extra case here and there as needed. Instead, I have to create a new subscription and cancel my old one if I’m going to run out early.


Every university student without a car should have one of these. Seriously. Especially those living in dorms. Buying an “old lady cart” was the best thing I have ever done for myself since enrolling. That $15 cart made me the envy of everyone in my dorm; I was that person who was able to get two weeks worth of groceries in one trip, arrive home not out of breath and without any painful plastic bag marks on my fingers/arms. Eventually the others started to get their own carts. They’re great! They handle a lot of weight and fit nicely on the bus without interfering too much with those around you. Great investment. Mine recently died, after 3.5 years of heavy use and a lot of abuse, so I’ll be getting a new one tomorrow. I’ll never go back to carrying groceries by hand.

(And yes, it’s great for transporting Soylent and other heavy parcels as well)


Wow how close is your grocery store?
Mine is probably 2+ miles away (the post is probably about mile) and I just dont have the patience to walk that with a granny cart. I cant wait till graduation and having an apartment that actually allows deliveries to the building.


I don’t walk it, I take the bus. Several of the bus routes here go directly onto campus and also stop right by grocery stores. Which is great because the campus is at the edge of the city so walking would be out of the question. The old lady cart I have is the perfect size to go on the bus; I just need to sit near the front where wheelchairs and strollers normally go. There’s still room on the bus for wheelchairs and strollers too. You couldn’t do that with a normal shopping cart “borrowed” from the store.

The apartment I live in now is only about 1km from a grocery store but I normally shop at one that is farther away so I still take the bus. Sometimes I take the bus home from the close one too, if I bought something heavy.