Weighing DIY ingredients


I’m considering trying DIY soylent, but the recipes look a bit tricky to reproduce exactly.
Specifically, how in the world do I measure out exactly 2.6 grams of potassium chloride?


Here you go, measures from .01g to 500g.


Interesting you brought this up, as despite having been doing DIY off and on for a year now, I recently struggled with this myself. Specifically, how do I accurately and quickly measure multiple weeks of DIY at a time?

Get yourself a decent digital scale. I spent $20 at retail, you can probably get one cheaper online. I am sure someone will chime in with an Amazon link by tomorrow (update: someone posted before I finished typing this).

I do People Chow. The masa is by far the most massive dry ingredient at 345 grams. The rest are fairly minor by comparison. Here is what I found works best for me:

  1. I use this model FoodSaver, but this is completely optional and many people do not use this. I use it because I already own one, and I can be careless with the bags because there is no zipper to pop open: I need scissors. It is slightly more expensive to use the bags than Ziplocks, but personally I am not going to argue over a few cents per day. Feel free to use gallon Ziplock bags (@axcho recommends the larger size so your measuring container fits in the lip of the bag).
  2. Anyway, I make a bunch of bags using the FoodSaver. I make them about a foot long, using the 8" wide roll.
  3. I measure 200 grams of masa using a large cup and dump it in each bag.
  4. I measure out all the other ingredients one at a time into each bag using a small cup. So I grab the multivitamin, measure and pour into each bag one at a time. Then I grab the next ingredient, repeat.
  5. I make sure to mix the ingredients together. Some of them are clingy to plastic. The calcium/magnesium is really bad at this, it leaves a white streak anywhere it goes. My goal is when I pour the bag into the pitcher to use it, I would rather sacrifice a gram or two of carbs than half my calcium: you will never get 100% of the dry mix out unless you put water in and pour, but why bother?
  6. I measure 145 grams of masa into each bag, completing the mix.
  7. Lastly, since I use the FoodSaver, I seal each bag. However, I hand-squeeze the air out rather than use the vacuum since without air it is an odd-shaped brick. I want to be able to mix it in the bag before pouring.

Be sure to zero your scale every time you put a container on it. I use two different containers with different masses. You might spill something on the scale itself. When you are measuring 345 grams who cares, but 0.5 grams of dust can be a big deal when measuring 2 grams of something.

I know this answers more than your question but I wanted to share some related nuggets of knowledge I have learned to help the DIY community.