Weight Loss curosity


I was thinking about this recipe and realized something. On the internet it is impossible to see a picture of @rob before his “experiment.” I would like to see an image of @rob before he started on Soylent. That way we know what he looked like before. We’ve all scene his images online. That is after 3 months on the stuff (or so). We would like to know he changed.

@rob Please post a before picture.


there you go.


I just want to point out that it’s usually very hard to change lean or fat mass drastically in a short term. Usually massive weight gain/loss are from water gain/loss — even if you got your fat % reading from one of those cheap body composition scales. I would guess that any thing like “10 lbs lost over a week on soylent” I’ve seen on the forum is more likely the result of balancing Na+ (which is usually a shit load in a regular Joe diet) with K+ (which is usually way suboptimal in a regular Joe diet) and thus losing lots of water over a week, than actually losing that much fat (though of course there can be fat loss, but no way on a 10 lbs magnitude; maybe like .5 lb to 1 lb). This effect can be had if you just add sources of potassium in a regular diet.

Another source of water mass change is from drastically adjusting carbohydrate intake. Lowering carbs could decrease body store of glycogen, which holds a lot of water. For example, this is what one would experience in the first week of a keto/low carb diet.

Of course this is not denying potential fat loss benefits of soylent, but I think there has been some confusion about soylent’s supposedly miraculous fat loss capabilities.

tl;dr: soylent weight loss likely mostly from water loss, from increasing ratio of K+ compared to Na+


That’s certainly true for the initial weight loss. Over longer time periods that doesn’t continue to be the case.

If a person saw weight loss continuing month over month it’d have to be due to requiring fewer calories to get the same nutrition.


yes that’s right. Just noting that if you see a 2lb increase or 2lb loss over a day, it’s likely not going to be fat or muscle.


thanks for the information. I was just wondering.