Weight loss / fullness on 1.5 v 2.0

I’ve done a few months of both 1.5 and 2.0. I intake between 1200-1400 calories per day. Personal experience is that I am able to lose, and keep off, more weight on 1.5 than 2.0. I also find myself feeling more full with 1.5 compared to 2.0 when drinking the same number of calories. No idea if there’s a scientific explanation for this based on the ingredient differential.

Anyone else seeing/feeling the same?

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Yes, I feel 1.5 is distinctly more filling than 2.0, and that is important enough to me that I prefer 1.5 for that reason. The last time I got a dozen bottles of 2.0 I just drank them up, far faster than I should have, because it was so easy.

People talk with justification about how smooth 2.0 is. To me its very much like drinking milk, and I loved milk for many years. But with 1.5 you’re drinking something that has real substance, and that makes it more filling to me.

I just got my first shipment of 2.0 and I’ve already gone through a good 12 pouches of 1.5 in the past two weeks. I prefer the taste and feel of 1.5- I think the taste is more interesting to me in general and I feel a TON more full, compared to my first full day on 2.0. As for weight loss, I haven’t exactly been tracking any but I expect that if I WAS I’d have some input :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t tried 1.5, but what appeals to me most about 2.0 is how easy it is to consume. I love that it has a taste and consistency similar to almond milk. I recently ordered a sample of 100% Food, and I did not at all like the sludgy, shake-like quality of it, so I’m sticking with Soylent 2.0. I imagine that because of this, I probably wouldn’t like 1.5.

I’ve only been at 30-50% consumption for the week that I’ve been enjoying Soylent (about 1-2 bottles per day) and I have noticed a healthy decrease in my weight. I like to take a bottle with me on my morning commute. It makes for a great breakfast and keeps away the snack cravings for the day.

Yes after trying a 2.0 bottle and getting hungry again in 2 hours I decided powder would be better. The gritty feeling makes me feel like it has more substance if that makes any sense.

I agree; 400kcals of 1.5 is way more filling than 400kcals of 2.0. I prefer 2.0 for the taste and convenience, but I’m only around 30-40% Soylent. If I was doing 60% or more with Soylent then I’d choose 1.5, because trying to use 2.0 for that much of my diet would leave me feeling pretty hungry.

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I’d love to hear from either the soylent folks or someone who has knowledge of the difference in composition of each as to why 1.5 would be more filling than 2.0.

On an elementary level, 2.0 is smoother = goes down easier = psychologically seems like nothing.

1.5 encourages customization, so extra things may be added. I use extra water and I add Stevia.

I think a meal for most 1.5 users is more than 400 cals.

And there may be other things. However, opinions vary – some people don’t think 1.5 is more filling.

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I think that’s the key. I never drank just 400 cals when I was drinking 1.5 regular