Weight maintenance


I’ll be getting a month supply of Soylent in August. Woot! My initial concern is how much is a ‘day’s supply’? I have Crohn’s disease and I tend to need a lot of calories to maintain mass even in remission. I’ve been consuming a mass builder, Mutant Mass for two months to add an additional 800 calories per day and have gained 12 lbs. Consuming Soylent exclusively for one month, would the ‘typical’ male adult maintain a steady weight?

I am on a low sugar diet and spend a ton of time cooking and even being able to replace 25 pc of my meals with this would be a huge timesaver and burden lifted off my shoulders. Can’t wait to try it.


IIRC, day’s portion for men will contain 2000kcal, which will probably not be enough for you. Luckily, you can easily solve this issue by adding some pure (with no vitamin/mineral additions) macronutrients: maltodextrin (carbs), whey isolate (proteins), olive oil (fats) or others of your choosing.