Weight of oil vs volume?


Hey guys,

So I’ve already googled this, but wanted to see if others could chime in on the subject.

Almost every bottle of oil I’ve seen does it’s nutrition info by volume (mL), but we all know that measuring this way can give a great deal of variance, unless using a graduated cylinder/syringe/other high tech way.

I’d like to measure by weight as my scale is accurate to 0.01g, but just want to make sure I’m making the right conversion.

From google I’ve found that the density of EVOO is aroung 92g/100mL, does this sound about right?




I have been weighing my oils for a while and find it much more convenient. I came up with the same value as you and that’s what I’ve been using. I also use MCT oil, since it varies slightly I go in the middle of the pack for that oil.

Olive Oil has a density of 0.92 g/ml;

MCT Oil has a density of 0.93-0.96 g/ml;

So for my recipe you would need 20 grams of Olive Oil, and 20 grams of MCT Oil.


Honestly, I’m not too particular about getting the liquid volume exactly right. My recipe calls for 50 mL of oil, and a table spoon is just under 15 mL. I use a little over 1 tablespoon a meal = (15+x)*3 = 45 + a bit of overflow. Close enough.
No need to be clinically precise.

If we were talking about vitamin powders, that’s a whole different ball game…