Weight/size of box for final version?


canadian here that is considering doing a parcel forward but before i can do that, i want to see how feasible it is. does anyone know the weight/size of a 1 month supply or a 2 week supply (including box)? i guess this is aimed mainly at staff.

For those that received their Soylent shipment: how large is the package?

6" x 10.5" x 21" per week, months will be bundled as 4 weeks. thanks for your interest!

Official Soylent Shipping Update July 2013

thanks so much for the reply! any chance i could get the weight as well? even approximate is perfectly fine. and by bundled do you mean packed into one box? or separate?


A popular DIY version comes out to about 510 grams per day for a 2000 calorie recipe for the powder and oil alone. A week would then be about 3570. Well round up just to be safe so say 3600 grams per week plus packaging and bottles. 4000-4500 grams for a week supply? So maybe 16000 - 18000 grams? 16 - 18 kg. !8 kg is about 40 pounds. Thats sounds like a good estimate. Remember pure speculation based on a DIY recipe similar to soylent.

Soylent re-shipped to Canada...arriving tomorrow

~450g/day Soylent
~50g/day Oil blend

That works out to 3.5kg/week, plus packaging etc.

4kg/week is a good estimate, @vwbugg.

Shipping dimensions

thanks so much! i crunched the numbers and for delivery to canada it’ll be between 60-70 dollars for a reship (if anyone is curious) via shipito.com. i’ll have to debate whether or not it’s worth it for me. any chance you guys have an update on canada availability?


do you live close to the border? What about shipping to the border and coming over to get it?

Of course crossing the border with white powder…