Weird orange layer on top of People Chow? Am I going to die?


I just recently purchased People Chow. The only modification I made was using Canola Oil for my oil source, and everything else the same.

First meal of People Chow was good. I didn’t seem to have any problems, maybe smelly gas. I’m on second meal of People Chow from the same batch, when I notice an orange layer of powder on top that just spontaneously appeared after maybe 15 seconds after blending via magic bullet! See album here. I’m kind of scared to drink this–has anyone ever encountered this before?

I did NOT notice this in the first meal (same batch/day of mix). The only thing I can think of is that I didn’t blend the first meal via magic bullet. Why:

  1. At first I thought it was the Maseca Masa–I noticed small yellow/orange particles among other things. Though when resuspending Masa alone with water, it didn’t seem to be the case.

  2. I then added my oil source (Canola Oil) to the Masa only+water, and that didn’t seem to be the case either.

  3. Ingredients are all new, two days old to be exact. Nothing seems to smell bad, except the choline bitrate (which people say should be kind of fishy anyway?).

  4. I don’t think it’s a mixing thing either–I’m very sure that I added the correct weight of every ingredient, and I have a new scale, tared and everything. I’m familiar with scales and grams/mg’s from working in research.
    4b. I prepared a different batch of People Chow (a day’s worth) and I came across the same orange layer after blending that as well.

  5. As a biology researcher, I decided to conduct an experiment. From the same batch, I mixed another cup of People Chow with water and tried NOT blending, there were small traces of orange stuff, but not to the same extent. Again, see album here. I’ll have to replicate this though.

Any advice or insight before then would be appreciated. Thank you!


Despite observation 1 in your post, I believe it is the Masa. When I was consuming People Chow I noticed the same thing.

I would have orange rings in the pitcher and orange speckles in the bottle I take to work with my Soylent. I thought maybe it was contaminated at first, but it happened every day and I never got sick from it. I also clean the pitcher and bottle after every use.

Personally, I would not be concerned about it, but it would be interesting to hear from others who use or have used People Chow.


Thanks for your insight! Did the orange speckles you see also float to the top of Soylent?


Yes, there were floaties near the top.


People Chow Premium user here…I’ve experienced the same thing. Was told it’s normal and only be concerned if the layer is light green, which indicated a chemical reaction between the multivitamin and the h20…

Actually disregard the part about that green layer being of concern…I"M KIDDING.

Orange layer is ok/normal/fine…Strange thing is that it’s never always there…Only sometimes which is odd, but I haven’t noticed anything weird and I seem to be typing n0rMaali

I’d order again in a heartbeat if I could swing it.


But, unfortunately, the answer to your second question is yes, you will most certainly die, eventually. :-p


DIY People Chow here, never seen the orange ring but I also run my days ingredients through a Blendtec before pouring the mixture out. If your hand mixing/blending in a bottle I would suspect as others have said it’s just the Maseca.