Weird Soylent ad


It made me laugh out loud, so it has that going for it.

It’s another step In the attempt to back down from the idea that really alienated people from Soylent – The idea that Soylent is at war with food. The ad itself is fine, but the overall message is perfect: After you’ve done your traditional Thanksgiving stuffing, Soylent is what you can do to recover.


Yeah the astronaut was a dead giveaway

I’m confused. This makes traditional turkey dinner look waaaaay more appealing than Soylent.

EDIT: Just remembered that Thanksgiving in the US is in November. Makes way more sense now: enjoy your spent-all-day-cooking turkey dinner, then go back to the simplicity of Soylent. If I saw this in October I wouldn’t be so confused :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m glad to see they’re getting more use out of that astronaut uniform.


Just for the Christmas season, I’m considering replacing my Soylent with eggnog. That wouldn’t hurt, would it?

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I would think it should be fairly easy to flavor Soylent like eggnog. Sugar, nutmeg, vanilla, maybe some cinnamon, and if that’s not quite enough, just a couple egg whites or a dab of heavy cream could help match the texture without screwing with the nutrient profile too much.


We try to take it to most events we go too.


I would skip the sugar. Use powered egg whites nutmeg and a touch of brandy

They work. I discovered Soylent via one of those in front of the video Youtube ads, the one where the guy is stranded on the island. I had been thinking about a simple one stop meal replacement for a while but never bothered to look into it until that add. I’ve been on 99.99% 2.0 and water ever since.


So their advertising works!

Good, good. I like this idea.