Weird Soylent side effect (Whiter teeth)


So I just realized something weird that has happened. My yellow stained teeth have become noticeably whiter. They are not sparkly white…yet, but the stains are mostly gone.

I don’t know how or why, but my teeth are way whiter than they used to be. My tooth paste hasn’t changed, and my (poor) brushing habits have not changed either.

I’ll see if I can find some pictures of me before and some pictures of me now.

I should note that I was told by a dentist, several years ago, that the only way to whiten my teeth was to sand blast my enamel off and then whiten the teeth. Obviously I opted to not do this.


Sure, why not!
Obviously it doesn’t happen very fast, but if you are getting everything your body needs for a sustained period of time, you will start building it into your teeth (enamel anyways), nails and hair.

The question now is, will this lead to a teeth whitening revolution? :smiley:


I don’t really believe it myself. I am digging through old pictures now to try and disprove this.
This is just really weird, and doesn’t sound right.

I have been on Soylent for 30 days now and I have only had 9 regular meals. Despite negative blood tests, I plan on continuing with this for the foreseeable future.


What do you mean by negative blood tests? Something amiss that you had to account for?


I heard a couple other dentistry-related stories, and my current theory is that because you’re not chewing or grinding food against your teeth, any brushing you do will have a more lasting effect. Secondly, your saliva is heavily influenced by what you eat, so I’m guessing this would have some secondary effect as well. You’re also substantially less likely to be consuming foods with artificial dyes, or anything that can stain your teeth like coffees, teas, soda, etc

I’ve just ordered everything, so I’ll take some progress pictures of my teeth to see if there’s any noticeable change.

Slightly related, do you see any difference in your finger & toe nails? Usually takes about three to six months for completely new regrowth, but after a month you might already notice a density or color change from the base.


It isn’t impossible imo.

Let us know what happened re blood tests :wink:


Can’t say I noticed anything with my teeth but my fingernails are definitely stronger. I am a nurse and do a lot of hand washing and my nails often peal and break. I have been drinking the official Soylent for 6 weeks for 2 meals a day and there is noticeable improvement


Sorry, I didn’t word that properly. I meant as long as none of my blood tests come back negative then I will continue. I meant to get another blood test a couple of weeks ago, but decided against it due to some issues I had with my recipe. I will try to schedule another blood test next week. As long as it comes out good, then I think I am set.

So I am a semi avid rock climber, and I am always tearing my fingernails off. But looking at my nails, they all appear to be intact. Also it does not appear that I have any cracks or chips. I don’t recall the last time that I cracked a nail. I think that I may have cracked one while on Soylent, but I am not sure. I will be sure to report back if I do break one though.

I did find a couple of old photo’s of myself (within the last couple of years) and my teeth are definitely yellow in those pictures. I’ll try to crop a couple of them and post them. I’ll then take some new pics of my teeth as well.


My understanding is that phosphate helps to rebuild enamel. Maybe your diet was deficient in phosphate before?


If you were a coffee drinker and stopped drinking coffee… maybe the staining is getting cleaned up and not getting more coffee stain coats? If you are not a coffee drinker… maybe its all of the above :wink:


Sorry to dip up an old thread, but achieving something which your medical professional said would have required a sand-blast sounds a little alarming to me. It is known that acidic drinks (e.g. coke, orange juice) erode the tooth enamel, could it be that your Soylent is acidic? Added Vitamin C for example, would make it so.


@Richard In my experience, medical ‘professionals’ are not exactly the be-all, end-all of medical knowledge. I mean really, how can a single doctor or dentist be expected to know the totality of biology as related to food intake? Medical ‘professionals’ are not geniuses and not omniscient, nor do they have perfect memory of everything they studied in medical school.


This is very true. I would be cautious with teeth though, it’s not like they re-grow!


The definition of a professional X is: someone who get’s paid doing X.
Just to keep in mind when people claim professionality.


I can’t find the thread, but there was some discussion about this topic already. If I remember correctly the body already has some mechanisms to keep the teeth healthy but needs some micronutritients which aren’t found enough in the average western diet. Since Soylent is made to be as nuttritionally complete as possible it of course contains all the necessary micronutritients, so these mechanisms work as intendet while they usally don’t.

Another point is that yellow teeth don’t necessarily mean that they are unhealthy, different people have different shades of teeth regardless of their hygiene, and this could be influenced by the eaten food.


That is interesting considering one of my only concerns with Soylent would be my teeth weakening from lack of use. I’m glad that the opposite it happening!


Is this is the recipe you were using, @HarveyDesu? It has a Calcium : Phosphorus ratio of 1:1, which is apparently good and even better at 2.5:1. As I understand it, more phosphorus than calcium can cause your saliva to damage your teeth, and the ideal ratio causes your saliva to strengthen your teeth. Whether or not this has anything to do with color, I don’t know.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to confirm this, but perhaps you had more phosphorus than calcium in your diet before? It’s all conjecture though, I think it will remain a mystery until more people report the same thing.


Somebody mentioned in another post or somewhere that their breath became fresher too since they had been drinking soylent for a while. Isn’t all that to do with the bacteria that clean your teeth at night which turns into plaque, bad breath etc. If the bacteria does not have to clean the food out of your teeth you should have fresher breath and cleaner teeth…?