Weird Thoughts... The coming apocalypse?

Had kind of a weird thought this morning. I’ll have to start with some background, or you’re going to think I’m pretty weird (Ok you’ll probably think I’m pretty weird anyways, but heck might as well mitigate my weirdness a little right?)

I’m a pretty heavy Soylent powder user, probably 80-90% of my caloric intake. At this high level of intake, I don’t always have the time to completely wash my jug between batches (normally just give it a good rinse to get rid of any gross contamination). This morning I noticed a bit of a fermented taste to my Soylent. It’s not the first time I noticed this, but it is the first time I’ve noticed it inside of my two day ‘window’ for finishing it.

Disassembling my jug completely, I did find a small ‘colony’ of microbial growth up around the seal between the handle and the jug part. I suspect I inadvertently contaminated my jug with some skin flora, ironically while cleaning it. No big deal, but this got me thinking.

Microbial colonization will happen when ever there is an open niche (in this case, nutrient rich Soylent is an obvious niche). Evolution will happen whenever there is a selection pressure (cleaning is a selection pressure).

Imagine a world in the far flung future. All of us are consuming Soylent, or Soylent like meals for most of our calories. Imagine a bacteria or yeast decides it likes Soylent almost as much as I do. We clean the jug, but not well enough, prompting change in the organism, making it more difficult to clean, and potentially faster growing. Then it recolonizes skin (because that’s where it came from), passing from person to person, finding new jugs of Soylent to ‘infect’, eventually it starts to have an impact on the world food supply, leading to massive shortages and starvation.

Ok, yep, now I’m sure you all think I’m weird. (Note to self —clean Soylent jug better in future)


What time did these thoughts occur?


:smile: No it wasn’t at 2AM… (truth is, it was while drinking my morning, slightly fermented Soylent)

You left out the best part of this apocalyptic vision:

Due to massive shortages in food supply, people turn to cannibalism and, to make it more efficient, a new company startup arises offering a new meal replacement product. It all comes comes full circle, if you catch my drift :wink:


I think Connor wanted to know what batch it was from, in case there was a bad batch or something. But it seems likely based off what you said that you just didn’t clean it well enough and didn’t drink the previous Soylent fast enough (i.e. outside two day window?)

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Was definitely inside the two day window, but yep pretty sure it was my fault due to not cleaning my jug well enough…

You should make it a movie, I know it’s been done before (contagion et al) but so have superhero movies and they can’t roll them out fast enough.


Now I want a jug of fermented Soylent.


Ho ho Ho!


Actually came up with a pretty good (non-alcoholic), spice mixture to add to Soylent powder to make it taste like egg nog…

You can’t stop there! What is it???

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Was wondering if anyone would ask :wink:

3 tablespoons ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons ground ginger
2 teaspoons ground nutmeg
1 ½ teaspoons ground allspice
1 ½ teaspoons ground cloves.

Add a tablespoon of this mixture to one pouch of Soylent.


OK I tried it! After mellowing overnight you get a tasty spiced soylent, kinda like a spiced herbal tea flavor. To me it really cries out for some sweetener, though. Adding just a bit of sweetener really makes it more festive. Also maybe a little vanilla. But it smells great on its own!