Weirdest Soylent Video Ever


I was looking for Soylent-related videos on YouTube (because that is what I do for fun, apparently), and ran across this one.

This is the strangest thing I have ever seen. I hope I don’t offend someone here if they are the ones that made it, but I thought it was very odd.

Sharing, just because it is so weird.


That is one video that is destined to never go viral. Ever.


hahaha, I actually love this.

I did not expect Hikikomori Hokun :laughing:


“Prepper Pete”

What is this Soylent anyway?

Soylent? That’s a meal in a powder form–As good as momma’s grit’s and gravy.—It’ll change your life.

That should get us through the nuclear winter.

Hell yeah.


I didn’t know Soylent came in old bulk whey protein containers. :smile:


I think this video came from the future.


I occasionally do soylent video searches as well. That is one of the weirder videos for sure. Here is another short, odd video I came across on Vimeo.


Trippy! Haha.