Well, Here I Go

As a newly-enrolled seminary student my days are spent reading dead, bearded men whose names are all beginning to blend together. Ori-who? St. Moses the…White? Anyway, my poor mind, now preoccupied with earth-shattering thoughts such as “why does a vav with a shewa followed by a consonant with a compound sheva make such a stupid sound?” and “premillennialism is the youngest and most aggravatingly arrogant eschatological framework- of course a Texan systematized it,” has found it difficult to remember to go grocery shopping, to cook, and to remember to eat. Heaven knows I only have so much energy to give and that I can only handle so much stress.

And that’s where Soylent comes in. I just bought my first 84-meal, month supply of the 1.5 powder with a subscription. I’m planning on making it my staple meal for five days a week, leaving weekends for eating out with friends. Having experimented at different points with vegetarianism, veganism, and keto I’d like to think I’m well-versed enough on the fundamentals of nutrition, and with Soylent I’m excited to actually see what my blood tests look like after a month.

Can’t wait for it to get here! Thanks Rob and co!


Pretty sure that’s Saruman…


Gandalf took over the role of the White Wizard due to Saruman having betrayed the White Council.