Well...I'm back, and things are new

I’ve decided to come back to soylent, after a long break due to many negative issues in life that I won’t bore you with.

My last used batch of Soylent was 1.4. I actually still have a weeks supply of it and am going to use that up till my new order comes. When I was using 1.4, I was supplimenting it taste wise with Milksplash flavorings. I had some issues with it being kinda chalky sometimes, but I found as long as it was nice and cold, and shaken up, that helped.

Soylent worked well for me, as a matter of fact, I felt better while using it than I did when I was 20 years younger. But being a food addict, and bing/depression eater, it was hard to stick with it after about a month. I think part of that was also it being a pain to have to clean the container and mix new powder every night.

I see now, that 1.5 is out, and that there is a 2.0 in premade liquid form. I did some reading here tonight, and it seems the general thoughts on it are that it’s better tasting and more creamy like than the powder. That does appeal to me. I’m not too worried about taste, as I can still alter the flavor with Milk Splash if needed. But I really do like the idea of premade. Keep them in the fridge and just grab what I need for the day. So that’s what I ordered.

Hopefully I can stick with it this time. I want to feel better again and I need to drop a lot of weight I put back on (I’m doing exercise too).

Any comments are welcome, especially if anyone has new flavoring ideas that work well with 2.0. I think being able to have a good variety of flavors helps to not get bored of it.


Welcome back!

I also took a break and just recently came back. I’ve been at about 75% 2.0 now for almost a month now, and I haven’t got tired of the taste yet.

The mouth feel of 2.0 is just amazing, it’s so smooth, I didn’t think it would ever taste like this when I backed Soylent.

One thing that I had heard was Soy Sauce might help people make it to 100% and stay there, but I’ll let you know how that turns out for me when I make the change to 100% again.

2.0 as a convenience is much easier than 1.5 - if you want to consume Soylent no one has a good excuse not to. I keep 2.0 on had for those times I am out some place that doesn’t have refrigeration. Like volunteering or hiking.

Last night I only had 16oz of my of 1.5 prepared, I forgot to make more. For me I like to leave my 1.5 in the firdge for 12 hours at least to get a smoother texture. Yes, I could use a shaker bottle to make a small batch for my second meal but its soo granulated, I dislike the mouth feel.

Since I have 2.0 I will just drink a bottle of that and make a batch of 1.5 and be ready for the next couple of days.

Just remember, 2.0 has 400 calories per serving (5=2000kcal.) As opposed to 1.5, 500 calories per serving.

Welcome back!! :slight_smile:

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In case you didn’t know the maker of Milksplash, S&D Coffee & Tea, has taken it off the retail market. I found that you can still get it by ordering it from them by phone in the form of 14oz bottles. They cost $18-19 per bottle + shipping. Given that the store bought bottles were 1.6oz for $5 that isn’t to bad.


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I just discovered the Mio liquid water enhancers. It’s a little too sweet to use constantly, but they’ve got an orange-vanilla flavor that seriously turns a bottle of 2.0 into a fantastic dupe of an Orange Julius.

(Note: the instructions are “1 squeeze per 8 oz of water” but I never go with more than one squeeze per bottle of 2.0. More than that and it just tastes like SWEET. I’d use a blinking font to emphasize that last word, if blinking fonts were still a thing.)

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Wow, I didn’t know that. That kinda stinks… I haven’t found too much else that flavors it as well as Milksplash.

I have been wondering if the liquid enhancers that are made for water would work with soylent. I had asked was back in the past and nobody had tried them. I may need to experiment :slight_smile:

Mio’s Iced Mocha Java flavor turns 2.0 into an awesome substitute for flavored iced coffee. Bonus: it’s creamier than anything you can get at a coffee shop. As @nanciejk said, you really have to watch out for your squeeze duration since adding too much can turn your delicious Soylent mocha into completely unpalatable syrup.

Also, welcome back!

It isn’t that bad. You can still order it after all. I called the number on their web site and ordered two bottles. Got them in the mail three days later. They even came with pumps you can fit on them after you open them. I got them about a month and a half ago and they are still about half full despite me mixing up about fourteen bags of soylent a month.

Edit : I use about three “pumps” per 64oz pitcher. Much more then that and the flavoring gets a bit too strong for my taste.

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Well I got my 2.0. I really like the texture, compared to old 1.4. Taste wise… I wouldn’t call it tasty, but it’s not as bad as straight 1.4 was. I’d just say it’s got a more neutral taste, which isn’t a bad thing.

I did give a bottle a squirt of orange/tangerine mio and yes, it’s very much like an old Orange Julius! I’ll have to experiment with different flavors now :slight_smile: