"We'll ship enough soylent to fully replace one months worth of meals"



I am interested in using soylent for weight loss, i will only consume soylent and no food. i have purchased one months supply of soylent, my question is how many cals a day does the soylent make up? 2000? 2500? i wont loose weight on this if the cals are so high.

My question is this… is it possible to alter the amount of cals you consume with soylent? i was aiming for 1200 cals a day.

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As with anything, just consume less of it.

A bag is 2k/cals.


That’s fantastic, i’m glad its that easy! i will weigh it out and make it to 1200 cals.

Thank you for the quick reply


you will also only get 60% of the rda of everything doing it that way, not too healthy


Good point, What do you suggest antiman? this is purely for weight loss, im going to the gym too and burning like 500 cals a day, so do you think that maybe doing the whole 2000 cals is a good idea?

i eat pretty unhealthy at the moment anyway, so i think that any increase in nutrients and vitamins is good no?


I thought the RDA was based on 2k/cals, so that if you eat fewer calories you also use/need fewer nutrients. Am I interpreting this incorrectly?


Your Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of calories your body uses per day just to remain operational. If you did nothing but lay in bed, you’d still need a good amount of calories. Check a calculator like this one to get a rough estimate of it. You’ll require more calories than that on a daily basis even if you live a pretty sedentary lifestyle. If you’re burning 500 calories per day through exercise, you’ll need to get that energy from somewhere.

You mentioned you’re trying to lose weight, so it does make sense to take in fewer calories per day than you’re burning, but don’t overdo it. Maybe take off 20% (I’m not a doctor, this is just a common number I’ve seen) from how many calories you’re taking in. I don’t know much about you, but I’m guessing that 1200 calories would lead to some serious (possibly dangerous?) weight loss (and hunger), even without the daily workout. Speaking of the daily workout, you don’t want to deprive yourself so much that your body can barely function, let alone let you effectively work out and build muscle mass. But don’t take my word for these things; I may not know what I’m talking about. Do a lot of your own research, or better yet, talk to your doctor, to decide how to proceed.

Rob has mentioned that the DRI of most micronutrients is set so that most people would be getting how much they need even if their actual intake varied a decent amount. That was part of the reasoning for getting rid of the 1800 calorie female blend: they can just have less of the standard 2000 calories version and still be fine.

Anyway, seems like Soylent will be great for you. I really appreciate knowing exactly how much energy I’m taking in, and I’m not even trying to gain or lose weight at the moment.


Weigh your self the same time each day, start with 2000 cal. Eat less if you gain weight. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week average with slightly more than average in the beginning. Be sure to drink enough water. Don’t starve your self, starving works in the short term but only permanent lifestyle modification will work long term.


ive seen quite a few posts with people saying they are losing weight on the diy with still 2000 calories versions, alot of it probably has to do with getting the correct amount of macros, 2000 calories of soylent vs 2000 of mcdonalds im sure is a big difference to our bodies


I really wouldn’t be surprised for people to lose weight just eating Soylent naturally. Having it be hard to NOT be overweight is a really recent human invention and that’s not because food was always scarce. Something is really out of whack with the modern western diet and Soylent pretty much takes you off that diet if you eat it full time.

Our bodies are actually really well designed and pretty damn good at regulating. It takes a lot to knock them out of whack and they snap back pretty well from mis-use.


He’s also going to the gym. What if he’s losing fat but packing on muscle?


Hmmm, very good point and also very possible. Perhaps also measure your body fat percent using either a scale designed to do so or a caliper. And take body fat percent into account.


Actually, quoting Rob from the Ars Does Soylent article:

No need to worry about not getting enough micros. The included amounts have some breathing room such that even 1/2-2/3 of consumption [of a day’s serving] should be plenty. Just use your body’s built-in mechanisms for hunger and you should feel fine, as it seems you do.

@stuartgjthomas, from what we’ve heard so far, you should be fine just using your body’s natural hunger mechanisms. As has been mentioned, a lot of people lose weight normally on Soylent, just from eating a balanced diet. Start out eating just when you are hungry, and if that doesn’t quite work, make note of what a “normal” amount is for you, and eat just a little less.


I agree with @austonst, you don’t want to lose your weight too fast. You should be eating AT LEAST enough to cover your BMR requirements, and let your activity burn the rest.

I estimated my BMR to be about 1600 calories per day and I burn about 2000 based on my activity level. On a DIY soylent diet of 1800 calories per day (with snacking and normal meals from time to time) I lost 10kg over 6 months.


Thanks for all your advice, you are all correct i think the best thing will be if i just do the whole 2000cals and then see how that works out, i will adjust as i go along! i don’t want to make it to tough on my self to start with! oh and by the way i’m only doing cardio at the gym, not weight lifting.

My BMR is 1290.375. so by doing nothing all day i burn this much cals naturally (i actually walk the dog twice a day so that prob takes it up a bit) and whilst at the gym i make sure i burn 500cals on top of that, so if i start my soylent diet with 2000 cals it should work fine!

thanks for all your help people, its good to finally find a helpful soylent forum



my bmr is 1820 im 5’5" 190 37yr old male your bmr seems pretty low


I agree with @antiman77 … your BMR seems very low. I’ve been playing around with the BMR calculator and you would need to be a 5 foot tall woman at about 115 pounds to have BMR as low as 1290… Which you might be I suppose…

I’d recalculate just to be sure, or you’ll be super miserable on a soylent diet that is going so far negative on your BMR. http://scoobysworkshop.com/calorie-calculator/


Well, he did say he was going to start with 2000 and see how it goes.

Keep in mind, BMR estimates are at best very rough.

From Wikipedia:

For instance, one study reported an extreme case where two individuals with the same lean body mass of 43 kg had BMRs of 1075 kcal/day (4.5 MJ/day) and 1790 kcal/day (7.5 MJ/day). This difference of 715 kcal/day (67%) is equivalent to one of the individuals completing a 10 kilometer run every day.