Welp. Now I need to get rid of my 1.4


I love how less than a week after I cave and buy a months worth of soylent and then find out that I hate the texture and can’t drink it, 1.5 comes out supposedly solving all the problems I had.

Perfect timing. slaps self

Do you guys think anyone will even buy it off me?


Wait for people to try 1.5. I’m sure a few of them will be begging for 1.4.


I’ll be one of the last to receive a full month of 1.4 (shipped last Thursday from PA)… But I like 1.4 so no big deal.


No matter what it is, someone will always buy it if you price it reasonably enough.


I will buy your 1.4 for 7 dollars per bag shipped. PM me.


Every new version seems to alienate some users, who then buy up remaining stocks of the previous versions.

You’ll sell it faster at a lower price/discount, but if there’s a big new crop of haters after people try 1.5, you may get full price or even a premium.