What about fiber?


Major Tom had his protein pill, but the idea of it suffered from what Soylent seems to. No Fiber!

Fiber is very important in food. It is required to normalizes and maintain bowel movements, lower cholesterol levels, and help control blood sugar levels. How do you intend to tackle this?


Who said soylent has no fiber? Fiber will be in the official Soylent.

From Robs/Soylent blog
"Fiber(40g): Fiber is not digested by the body. It helps maintain a healthy digestive system. My digestive system is quite healthy as the only thing that it has to get rid of is the fiber itself."



This was just from a quick search. If you also look at the more extensive DIY recipe conversations, fiber sourcing is discussed in most of those as well. Fiber: We got this shit.


Strange, isn’t it, how often people come on here with “why doesn’t soylent have blah-blah” or similar complaints – without having done even a cursory search or lookover of the topics here! How to look dumb by trying to look smaaat! :stuck_out_tongue:


Aww, c’mon, play nice :P. Ignorance is nothing to belittle, and that includes the ignorance of the search tool.

We were all babes to the internet at some point, and it can be easy to forget we had to learn just like everyone else. This said, just because we probably went through some hazing to get to the knowledge we have today, doesn’t mean others deserve it, too.


Ignorance is one thing – laziness and carelessness something else again. I submit that the OP demonstrates a great lack of due diligence. You don’t just go posting saying “soylent doesn’t have any fibre, so how do you intend to tackle that” without first making sure that your assertion is in fact correct. Posts like that are practically a form of spam.


I would also argue that due diligence itself is a skill to be learned. (Feel free to PM me your thoughts, I think we’re walking a bit off topic, though the topic may already be wrapped up as well, lol)


I see what you did there. :wink:


It also supports heart health and colon health. Not including fiber raises your risk significantly for heart disease and colon cancer.

I’m glad Rob came around on that one.


The same day I pledged my money how ever many months ago the recipe always had fiber in it.


His original recipe only had like 4 grams of fiber in it. I’m not sure if it still says that on his blog, but he thought it was unnecessary since he wasn’t digesting any real food. Later he realized it would probably be a good thing to have.


I see. Whenever I saw it on his blog it said 40g of fiber.


It would have deprived his colon of its preferred source of energy and raised his cholesterol levels had he not included more fiber, this is why he should have a board with chemists and biologists not just himself.


And that is why he’s working with the nutrition scientists at the copacker.


But nutrition scientists meaning what? Dietitians? Biologists? Chemists? They’re all have a slightly different opinion.

Anyways, after seeing the recent changes I’m a lot less skeptical.


If you didn’t see it, Soylent has an official blog. From this post it talks a little about it, and I’ve seen stuff elsewhere as well. (Please don’t take my writing in a bad way. I’m not trying to be offensive, but I can’t put tone of voice into typed words, so it might come off as a little snippish. I don’t intend that.)

That’s where I’ve been getting most of my information. It doesn’t look like it’s RSS enabled, though. (@rob @JulioMiles Would it be possible to add an RSS feed to the blog?)


@j8048188, our blog definitely has RSS: http://blog.soylent.me/rss